Student Life


 Student Life

When students mention WKWSCI, one of the first things that they will think of is our twice-yearly Theme Week. While others may try to organise their own, no one can compare to us. This is a testament to our vibrant experience, unique traditions and strong culture that our WeeKids enjoy. Responsible for preserving and building on the culture is the Communication and Information Club, or more affectionately known as the CI Club.



Communication and Information Club
The CI Club is the official student club that represents and serves the student body of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University. 

Led by the 27th Management Committee, the CI Club is the voice of our students, representing WKWSCI in the Students’ Union and bridging concerns to staff and faculty. 

Our events are a cornerstone of the WKWSCI student experience. These events range from intimate gatherings like Valentine’s Day and Exchange Student Night, to larger festivities like Hallo​ween and Communication Studies Week, a week-long celebration of all things WKWSCI.​

 Ad Hoc Committees

Within our club we have four ad hoc committees: Freshmen Orientation Programme, Paparazzi Theatre Production, WeeVolunteer and WKWSCI Awards. These committees give our students exciting opportunities to lead and execute fulfilling events and initiatives. Students who are passionate about sports, hobbies or causes can also begin their own student initiatives under the new WeeCan framework. 

WKWSCI Spotlight
Freshmen Orientation Programme
Paparazzi Theatre Production WeeVolunteer

WKWSCI Spotlight Awards celebrates the achievements of the student population and alumni. This bonding camp is specially for incoming freshmen, and is a 4D3N affair held yearly in August. WKWSCI's annual theatre production allows students to showcase their acting and/or production skills. This philantrophic arm of WKWSCI participates in local and overseas community outreach efforts.

 Other Committees


NTU WKWSCI: Engage is an outreach initiative that serves as a platform for Wee Kim Wee School of Com​munication & Information (WKWSCI) students to engage with the communications industry.​