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One of Asia's best, the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) has the most comprehensive curriculum in Communication Studies, and students graduate with a strong balance of traditional and new media skills. 

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Undergraduate Programmes available include:

1. Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours)

2. Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours) with a second major in Business

3. Bachelor of Arts with a choice to pursue one of two combinations (Honours)*:
    a) Economics and Media Analytics
    b) Psychology and Media Analytics
    *Admission for the Bachelor of Arts programme will be on a competitive and selective basis.

4. Second Majors programmes
    Besides your main field of study, Wee Kim Wee students have the opportunity to take courses from other
    programmes which are offered as a second major.
    a) Art History
    b) Business
    c) Chinese
    d) Economics
    e) English Literature
    f) History
    g) Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
    h) Philosophy
    i) Psychology
    j) Public Policy and Global Affairs
    k) Sociology

5. Minors
    Students may also consider pursuing a minor in any of the major disciplinary areas besides his/her main field
    of study. Minor programmes equip students with multiple skills and broader knowledge, beyond what their 
major disciplines may provide.
For more information about the minor programmes that NTU offers, please click here.