Career Prospects

What You Can Become

The media industry offers a host of viable career opportunities. In Singapore, we have an increasingly vibrant media scene. Media production companies are sprouting not only locally but globally. All across the world, there is a growing demand for entertainment and news. All of which are part of the media.

Your education at WKWSCI will give you a taste of what a genuine media environment demands. Upon graduation, you will be conferred the Bachelor of Communications Studies (Honours) degree. This qualification will put you in good stead to take on the real world. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary skills for a full range of careers in media. The job possibilities are endless.

A sample of careers you can gain entry to, upon graduation, includes

Advertising and Public Relations track:
- Account executive/manager
- Communications manager
- Copywriter
- Social media manager
Broadcast and Cinema Studies track:
- Broadcast reporter
- Interactive media coordinator in media, business, industry and government
- Producer, Director 
Communication Research & Information Analytics track:
- Media audience analyst
- Media consultant
- Public opinion and consumer researcher
- Research manager in public and private organisations
Journalism track:
 - Columnist, Editor, Photojournalist, Reporter
- International correspondent
- News analyst
- Publisher