Career Prospects

What You Can Become

The media industry offers a host of viable career opportunities. In Singapore, we have an increasingly vibrant media scene. Media production companies are sprouting not only locally but globally. All across the world, there is a growing demand for entertainment and news. All of which are part of the media.
Your education at WKWSCI will give you a taste of what a genuine media environment demands. Upon graduation, you will be conferred the Bachelor of Communications Studies (Honours) degree. This qualification will put you in good stead to take on the real world. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary skills for a full range of careers in media. The job possibilities are endless.
Check out the various tracks offered here at WKWSCI, and a sample of careers you can gain entry to, upon graduation.


From strategic planning to campaign executions, the Advertising track is one that is vibrant and exciting. A dynamic environment where you work with different people playing the different roles, teamwork is definitely a big thing. If you are interested in idea generation and developing campaigns based on these ideas to help build brands and their products, this track is the one for you!
Relevant courses:
Advertising, Creativity and Copywriting
Brand Management
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Communication Campaigns
Creative Strategies
Integrated Marketing Communication 
Promoting Sustainability  
Regional Strategic Communication Management
The Content Lab for Community Management​

Art Director
Account Management/Brand Management 
Social Media Content Creator 


Ranging from documentaries to narratives, if you are into 
creating and producing films, this is the track for you! Through learning a wide range of materials from Asian to global cinema, you will be exposed to different cinematic styles while gaining an incredible hands-on experience as you produce and direct your own films in our well-equipped studios and 
Relevant courses:
Acting & Directing for TV & Film
Broadcast Journalism
Documentary Film & TV: Concepts & Applications 
Go Overseas For Advanced Reporting (GOFAR)
Image & Sound Production
Overseas Digital Documentary — ‘Odyssee’* 
Overseas Film Festival Practicum (Busan International Film Festival)*
Popular Cinema
Writing for Cinema & TV

News Reporter
Script/News Writer
Video Editor
Graphics Artist​

​​With data becoming a large part of the industry, this is an up and coming track. It involves learning how to analyse and draw conclusions from data about trends observed in the media industry. Be it about the use of mobile applications, digital platforms, to how media and communications can affect important societal issues such as dementia and mental health, there are always new things for you to explore and study.    
Relevant courses:
Advanced Research Methods
Audience Research Methods
Communication Research Practicum
Evaluating PR
Foundation of Information Analytics
Fundamentals of Research
Information Analytics: Tools, Techniques and Technologies 
Selected Topics in PR: Evaluating & Producing Campaign Result
Social Media Mining

Information Analyst
Social Media Analyst
Market Researcher
Consumer Researcher
Researcher (at research organisations)

If you have a burning passion or a flair for writing, this might be your thing! Through gathering data, creating stories and presenting news and information, learn to write for industry standards where you even get to undergo and experience how a real newsroom and newspaper work. In addition, you will also learn to take photographs and videos of current events, honing skills that will groom you holistically. 
Relevant courses:
News Copy Editing
News Reporting & Writing
Online Journalism
Short Overseas Journalism Practicum (SOJOURN)
Specialised Journalism: Business & Economics
Specialised Journalism: Science & Health Reporting

Magazine Writer


For those who want to learn and master how to shape public opinion and maintain a brand’s or company’s reputation, the Public Relations track might be the one just for you! Through projects and case studies, you will learn how to manage clients while developing your creative and writing skills.

Relevant courses:
Brand Management
Communication Campaigns
Corporate Communications Management
Integrated Marketing Communication
Organisational Communication
Public Opinion
Public Relations Writing
Risk Communication
Selected Topics in PR: Evaluating & Producing Campaign Results

Corporate Communications Department at various organisations ranging from media agencies to government 
Marketing Communications Specialist
Media Planner
Media Relations Specialist
Marketing Coordinator​