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Perspectives Film Festival

Perspective Film Festival ​

Perspectives Film Festival is an practicum course created to expose students to curating and executing a film programme and is also the first ever student-run film festival in Singapore. The annual arts event features breakthrough films that are thematically curated. Students organise the film festival from start to finish, beginning with developing the initial concept debating as a group about the theme and film selections based on fit with the breakthrough premise, potential audience, sponsorship interests and promotional opportunities. Working in teams, students then source the films, secure sponsors, develop appropriate ancillary activities, manage ticketing and finances, develop written collaterals for a variety of audiences, produce publicity materials and undertake promotion efforts. In 2019, the team re-visioned the theme of ‘Crossroads’, showcasing a line-up of films which unearths how conflicting ideas, biases and assumptions can come together and confront impossible decisions across 4 days at the Oldham Theatre.