Student Life and Development


Professional Development Workshops

This is a workshop series for graduate students (primarily graduate coursework students). The objective of the workshop series is to equip our students with the competencies and skills that will help them in their academic and professional lives. These skills include academic writing, presentation skills, resume writing, grooming for interview and so on.

While some of these soft skills can be incorporated into the curriculum, however, as curriculum time is limited, the programme committees feel that it will be more productive and efficient if these skills are taught outside of the usual class time in smaller classes. The instructors will then be able to spend more dedicated time on cultivating these skills.

Students will sign up for the courses on a voluntary basis. Therefore those who feel that they can benefit from the course will opt in, while those who have a firmer foundation need not attend. Also, since these workshops are heavily subsidised by the school, the students only have to pay a nominal fee to attend the workshops.

Academic Writing Workshops

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Presentation Skills Workshop

Resume Writing Workshop