Doctor of Philosophy


Programme Structure

Coursework Requirement

  • 8 courses to be taken from graduate programmes offered by the School, other Schools in NTU or NIE
  • 6 Courses to be fulfilled by 18th month of candidature Courses to be fulfilled by 18th month of candidature
  • Student must attain minimum CGPA of 3.50 for courses taken during candidature
  • In addition, the School may require student to take additional courses after confirmation.

Confirmation and Qualifying Exam

  • The student is expected to pass a qualifying exam (QE) at the end of his 18th month of candidature. Upon passing QE, the student will be confirmed as a PhD student.
  • The qualifying exam comprises of submitting a confirmation report and giving a formal presentation to the review panel. The presentation is subject to a Q&A from the panel. The panel will evaluate the student’s progress, research work, and recommend his confirmation of candidature.
  • Upon successful confirmation, the student’s candidature is confirmed and be expected to submit his final thesis by end of 4th year of candidature.
  • An oral examination is required by student after submission of final thesis. The oral exam panel comprises of faculty members from the School.


Candidates may apply either for full-time or part-time. To be awarded the degree, students will need to complete their programme requirement within their candidature period.