Doctor of Philosophy


Programme Structure

Coursework Requirement

  • 8 courses to be taken from graduate programmes offered by the School, other Schools in NTU or NIE
  • The 8 courses comprise 2 core courses, 2 method courses, 2 doctoral elective courses within WKWSCI and 2 courses from other Schools within NTU.
  • 6 Courses to be fulfilled by 18th month of candidature
  • Students must attain minimum CGPA of 3.50 during candidature

Other Mandatory Courses

  • HWG702 Teaching Assistants Programme (only for full-time PhD students)
  • HWG703 Graduate English (unless exempted)
  • Communication/ Writing Training
    • A901 Speaking Academia (WKWSCI),
    • HWG705 The Craft of Academic Writing (LCC)
    • HWG706 Academic Publishing (LCC)

    All PhD students need to read at least 2 out of the 3 courses above to fulfill 39 training hours. Each course is 19.5 training hours which is conducted within half a semester.

  • 3-minute thesis (3MT) presentation symposium organised by Graduate College.

Thesis Examination and Oral Examination

  • PhD students are required to submit the final thesis by end of 4th year of candidature for full-time students or by end of 5th year of candidature for part-time students.
  • The thesis will be assessed by examiners from NTU and other universities.
  • After the students have made satisfactory amendment to the thesis, the students have to successfully defend their thesis during the Oral Examination before a panel of examiners.


Candidates may apply either for full-time or part-time. To be awarded the degree, students will need to complete their programme requirement within their candidature period.