Master of Mass Communication


Programme Structure

The MMC programme commences each year in early August, and the minimum candidature is one academic year, while the maximum is four academic years.

Full-time students may choose to take on an intensive programme of five courses per semester and complete the programme in two semesters (one academic year). To enhance their learning, they are, however, encouraged to spread out the number of courses taken each semester.

Part-time students may take up to three courses per semester. Most part-time students complete the programme in four semesters (two academic years).

As the MMC programme is designed for both communication professionals and aspiring scholars, candidates have a choice between two options to complete the degree: Coursework & Dissertation or Coursework Only options.

  • The Coursework & Dissertation option requires students to complete 3 Core Subjects, 5 General Electives and a Dissertation.

  • The Coursework Only option requires students to complete 3 Core Subjects and 7 General Electives.

Each module carries 3 Academic Units (AU). Dissertation carries 6 AUs. Candidates are required to complete a total of 30 AUs to graduate from either option.

Students can decide to complete the programme according to their preferred pace of study by accumulating and meeting the necessary AU requirements for graduation. However, students opting for the Coursework + Dissertation option will require additional semesters to ensure they complete their projects.