MSc in Information Systems


Programme Structure

Students of the MSc (Information Systems) programme are allowed to choose from the following two options of study:

  • Coursework and Dissertation

  • Coursework Only

By Coursework and Dissertation

Carrying out a research project and writing a dissertation require a strong command of English, good grasp of the subject, self-discipline and time commitment. The Coursework +Dissertation option is recommended only for students with a high level of English proficiency and a cumulative grade point average of at least B+. Students taking the dissertation option may take a longer time to complete the programme.

In this option, students take 4 foundation courses, 4 elective courses, and a project on which the student must submit a dissertation.

By Coursework Only

In this option, students take 4 foundation courses, 5 elective courses, and CI6299 Critical Inquiry in Information Systems.

Course Load and the Academic Unit System

With the introduction of the Academic Units system in the university, the student in the MSc (Information Systems) programme has to accumulate a total of 30 Academic Units (AUs) to graduate. Each course in the curriculum carries 3 AUs, with the exception of Dissertation Project which carries 6 AUs. A 3-AU course comprises 39 contact hours of lectures, tutorials and laboratory work. The full-time programme can be completed within one academic year (two semesters) and the maximum candidature for the full-time programme is two academic years. The part-time programme can be completed within two academic years (four semesters).

The maximum candidature for the part-time programme is four academic years. Students can decide to complete the programme according to their preferred pace of study by accumulating and meeting the necessary AU requirements for graduation.

Note that the final exams for all courses are held during the day in November and April. Part-time students may need to make arrangements to come to campus at scheduled times in the mornings or afternoons for the final exams.