MSc in Information Systems


MSc in Information Systems

Programme Overview

The MSc in Information Systems (MSIS) progamme blends theory and practice to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge necessaray for the design, development, maintenance, and management of information ssems to provide better user experience. Such training exposes students to the latest echnologies and core skills to cope with the rapidly changing nature of the field.

The programme curriculum covers wide-ranging technical expertise and soft skills that an Information Systems professional is expected to possess in the areas such as:

​Sofware Development & Infrastructure: Provides students with the core knowledge required for the design, development, and maintenance of information systems.

Human Computer Interaction: Provides students with the knowledge for desinging information systems that are both useful and usable from an end-user perspective.

Management of Systems and Services: Provides students with the soft skills required for managing information system projects, information systems personnel, and resources.

Information Management: Provides students with skills needed to store, organise, persevere, and manage information in a way that allows for its reliable, timely and accurate use.

The following highlights the key features of the MSIS programme:

· Broad-based perspective of information systems educaton from experienced, multi-disciplinary faculty and industrial practitioners
· Offers a strong emphasis in users and management through theory and practice-based experiential learning
· Provides a solid foundation for mid-carer professionals wanting to establish themselves in the industry

Career Opportunities

Graduates can explore paths directly related to the degree such as software engineering or development, data analytics, user experience design, system/database/network administration, project management, research and development, lecturing, education. Career progressions include senior posiions within the same path, such as mangement or consulting roles.


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