MSc in Information Systems


MSc in Information Systems


The information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector continues to be a significant engine of growth and a key enabler to other sectors of the economy. However, recent trends indicate that simply being skilled in software development is no longer sufficient to thrive in this fast-paced industry. Consequently, while there exists opportunities for ICT professionals, a fundamental shift in required skill sets, comprising both advanced IT skills and soft skills focused on management and user-centred design, has occurred. The MSc (Information Systems) programme at NTU is designed to address this training gap and educate ICT professionals to play a significant role in the new ICT environment in Singapore and abroad.

Programme Overview

The MSIS programme blends theory and practice and aims to equip students with advanced knowledge necessary for the design, development, maintenance, and management of information systems. Such training includes exposure to the latest technologies used in the development of information systems, as well as core skills required to cope with the rapidly changing nature of the field. To this end, the programme is broad-based and covers a range of technical and soft skills that an Information Systems professional is expected to possess. Broadly, these are categorised as:

Features/Aim of the Programme

  • A broad-based curriculum covering critical aspects of information systems development.
  • Emphasis on both technical and soft skills for information systems professionals.
  • Professional seminars that give students the opportunity to learn from and interact with industry professionals.
  • Multi-disciplinary and experienced staff from two schools with established graduate-level programmes.

Recognition of the CITPM and COMIT Certifications

      In collaboration with the Singapore Computer Society, students in the MSIS programme with either the Certified IT Project Management (CITPM) or Certification in Outsourcing Management for IT (COMIT) and who have obtained satisfactory results for all competency units may be considered for a waiver of one course, namely, CI6204 Software Project Management. Students who have been successfully granted a course waiver will require one less course to fulfill the requirements of the MSIS programme.

      Career Opportunities

      • Majority are directly related to the degree
        • Software engineering or development
        • Data analytics
        • User experience design
        • System/database/network administration
        • Project management
        • Research and development
        • Lecturing, education

      • Career progression
        • Senior positions within same path
        • Management or consulting roles


         “I am inclined towards deepening my technical knowledge towards the various aspects of information systems, as well as appreciating these issues from a management perspective. The rigour of the programme provides adequate training for students in terms of breadth and depth. In addition, it also provided me with a platform to network with like-minded individuals. The programme has certainly helped me to develop myself further in my career.” 

        Sim Kim Heng
        Class of 2016


         “The programme has allowed me to tie my work experience together with a theoretical perspective, allowing better insights into some of the technologies and processes that are used in my projects. I have also had the thankful opportunity to expand my horizons via interacting with fellow students from various backgrounds and through learning from the professors and the wider academic world, thus introducing me to new perspectives and broadening my knowledge.” 

        Lua Choon Ngee
        Class of 2016


         “After my Bachelor's degree in computer science I was bewildered on whether to focus my higher studies on technical aspects of computing or into IT management. I found this MSc in Information Systems at NTU which offered an ideal combination of technical and IT management related subjects. I can undoubtedly recommend this program to any IT enthusiast because this is a perfect program, offering a variety of subjects in technical and managerial aspects of IT which are up to date, and covering many hot topics in the IT industry to pursue your passion” 

        Senadeera Damith Chamalke
        Class of 2016


        Enquiries about the programme may be sent to:
        MSc in Information Systems (MSIS)
        Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information