MSc in Information Systems


Course Fees

The tuition fees for the MSc in Information Systems programme are subsidised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore, and is offered to all admitted students up to the maximum programme duration.

International students applying for MOE subsidised programme can apply for Service Obligation option to pay lower, subsidised tuition fees. Application for service obligation is subject to the approval of MOE. As part of the service obligation, the international student is required to work in Singapore-based companies (local companies and international companies that have a base in Singapore) upon graduation for 3 years. For more details, please click here.

However, students who have previously enjoyed MOE subsidy in a graduate programme will not be eligible for MOE subsidy in another graduate programme. Instead, such students will be liable to pay “Full Fees” for the graduate programme that they now wish to undertake. For more information on the Eligibility criteria for the MOE subsidy, please click here.

Every year, fees are reviewed and subject to revision. As and when the fees are revised, the new fees are applicable to all existing and new students. The revised fees are usually published in the website around June every year. The University’s Board of Trustees reserves the right to alter fees at any time without notice. Please click here to view the tuition fee structure.

The Tuition Fee Loan is financial assistance given to International graduate students pursuing their higher degree through selected subsidised coursework programmes. For more details on the Eligibility criteria, please click here.