MSc in Information Studies


MSc in Information Studies


The Master of Science in Information Studies programme is a multidisciplinary programme combining theory and practice to address the growing need of organisations for skilled information professionals. The programme provides the knowledge needed to transform information resources into opportunities for organisational growth and innovation. The programme is seen as a professional qualification for information professionals working in libraries and information centres. It was established in 1993 to develop professionals with the skills to manage information that meet the information needs of both public and private organisations. This is a subsidised programme by Singapore’s Ministry of Education.

Programme Overview

The programme builds foundational skills across the breadth of the information studies field and provides opportunities for students to take courses in the following two categorisations:

  • Library Science: Focuses on providing essential knowledge applicable in any type of library or information management job.

  • Information Analytics: Focuses on using methods, tools and frameworks to manage, analyse and derive insight from traditional as well as digital information assets such as social, mobile, cloud and big data

Features/Aim of the Programme

Graduates from the programme will have both the leadership skills and analytic capability to contextualise information in different organisational environments so that they can:

  1. identify organisational information needs and gaps.

  2. capture, search, organise, classify, analyse, and use information, and ultimately.

  3. build and manage information organisations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have a strong track record of employment in libraries, hospitals, universities, and other government as well as business organisations.

  • Library careers
    • E.g. Librarians, Children Librarians, Subject Librarians
  • Research careers
    • E.g. Researchers, Research Associates, Research Manager, Advance to PhD Study - University Lecturers/Professors
  • Technology-related careers
    • E.g. Project Managers, Information Architects, Data Visualization Specialists, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts
  • Information analytic-related careers
    • E.g. Information Analysts, Social Media Analysts, Analytics Consultants, Statistical Specialists

Enquiries about the Information Studies Programme may be sent to:

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