Prospective Masters and PhD students



Nur Syahidah Binte Alim
MSc in Knowledge Management student

“I was accepted for the Masters of Science in Information Studies after eight years away from books, however the experienced and knowledgeable lecturers helped keep me going. Course work requiring teamwork has also enabled me to work with people across various domains, which fostered an invaluable learning experience that opened up my depth of analytical thinking.”

Cliff Loke Choon Mun
MSc in Information Studies student

“For me, Information Studies is not just a programme that equips students with the knowledge of locating and processing information, more importantly, it builds confidence among the students to succeed in any competitive work environment. The communication and interaction with faculty members and peers from many countries and backgrounds is interesting, and I could always expect to be exposed to something new.”

Zhang Liming
MSc in Information Studies student

“There was a good balance of theoretical and hands-on learning. It deepened my knowledge of information products and services and equipped me with skills which may come in useful in my career as information professional. The rich experience of the lecturers and the diversity of background among classmates made for an even more enriching learning experience. This had been a truly memorable experience.”

Ng Kiak Peng
MSc in Information Studies student

“What attracted me to this course was the broad-based curriculum. The wide range of modules offered in the different areas of concentration allowed me to tailor the coursework to suit my interests. The classes combined both theory and practical; the hands-on sessions teaching us real-life essential skills that could be applied in the workplace. Through this course, I gained a deeper insight into the different information-related fields and I am now better equipped to handle the challenges of being an information professional.”

Lim Duanli
MSc in Information Studies student

“The MSc in Information Studies programme equipped me with solid theoretical and practical backbone to critically challenge and examine information before acceptance. With information trade now dominated by digital, mobile and on-demand technologies, the programme offers timely courses. I was also immensely impressed by the professional and academic backgrounds of the faculty. More importantly, I gained a global exposure through the exchanges I had with mentors and co-students within and beyond classes, and this drew me to a dynamic research-savvy profession that constantly triggers intellectual rigour and knowledge pursuit.”

Hannah Trinity Dumaual
MSc in Information Studies student

“I wanted to have a breakthrough in my career and felt that the programme is relevant to my job as a software engineer. In fact, the programme has a right mix of technical and soft skills development that enables me to grow personally and professionally. The programme also improves my critical analytical thinking and research writing skills, which opens up the opportunity for an academic career.”

Russell Chung
MSc in Information Systems student

“Throughout my working life, I’ve always been involved in the management of IT. To be more effective as a Vice President in a bank, I wanted a programme which deepens my understanding on both the managerial and technical aspects of IT. After searching around, I found this programme to be most suitable. Furthermore, NTU is one of the premier institutions in Singapore. Completing the programme gives me an added confidence to take up additional responsibilities at work. Besides gaining greater insights at the strategic level, I’m now better equipped to be involved in technical discussions at the ground.”

Shameem Nangarath
MSc in Information Systems student

“The coursework was rigorous and my understanding of information systems has deepened. The programme offers good practical grounding with relevant issues being discussed. I have been recommending this programme to my friends. Undoubtedly, this programme opens up a wider range of IT-related job opportunities.”

Cheung Chee Wai
MSc in Information Systems student