Prospective Masters and PhD students


Scholarships and Awards

  • You must have a First Class Honours or Second Class (Upper Division) Honours or its equivalent
  • You should not be on paid employment or accept paid employment
  • You should not concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, bursary or top-up allowance during the prescribed period of the award


  • The award is tenable for one year in the first instance and is renewable subject to good progress.
  • The monthly stipends for Masters by research students are S$1,500, and for Ph.D students range from S$2,000 to S$2,500. For students who pass the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination/Confirmation, the stipend may be increased to $500.00 (subject to revision).
  • In addition to the monthly stipend, the award also covers the annual research fee and the annual computer fee.
  • The maximum period of the award is up to two years for Masters candidates, up to four years for Ph.D. candidates, subject to good performance and progress, as well as availability of research funding.


There is no bond attached to the scholarship.

Application procedure

You can apply for this scholarship when you are filling in your application form. Complete the “Application for Scholarship” section in your application form. There is no separate form for application for scholarship, as the scholarship option is found in the admission application form.

Research work and duties

  • You must undertake research work as directed by the School.
  • Upon your confirmation of PhD candidature, you will be required to assist your School in teaching duties or administration work.

Research Programmes Scholarships

Other forms of graduate scholarships are available for PhD programmes in the School. For more information, please click here.

Coursework Programmes Scholarships

1. WKWSCI Legacy Fund Graduate Scholarship

  • Top two students from MSc in Information Studies and MSc in Information Systems programmes after the end of first semester of each academic year from the new academic intake.
  • Awarded to Top two TGPA (Term Grade Point Average) students.
  • Other factors like leadership and potential can be considered.
  • Two scholarships per programme.
  • Candidates must have taken at least 3 courses taken in that semester.

2. MMC/KM Scholarship

  • Two scholarships each for both programmes awarded to two outstanding students in the programme at the end of each semester.
  • Awarded to Top two TGPA (Term Grade Point Average) students.
  • The awardees must have done minimum 3 courses in the given semester.
  • Other factors such as leadership and potential can also be considered.
  • Graduating students and students who have previously been awarded are not eligible for the scholarship.

3. Other sources of scholarship. Other sources of scholarship

The National Library Board and the Library Association of Singapore also offer scholarships for library science programmes.​​​