Postdoctoral Fellowships


If you are looking to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship, you may want to consider the following Fellowships that are currently being offered at NTU:

The Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship provides an opportunity for early career scientists, engineers and scholars from Singapore and around the world to conduct independent investigations in any discipline at NTU (including Communication and/or Information Studies).  Successful candidates will receive a one-year research grant of up to SGD$100,000 and an annual salary of up to SGD$80,000.

The CoHASS Postdoctoral Fellowship is tailored specifically for early-career scholars in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (including Communication and/or Information Studies) who can contribute to high-calibre research projects and student mentoring.  Candidates with outstanding records and scholarly potential are encouraged to apply and are eligible for up to two years of support.​