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NTU WKWSCI: Engage is an outreach initiative that serves as a platform for Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information (WKWSCI) students to engage with the communications industry. Through partnerships with key industry players and alumni, students with leadership potential are given opportunities to connect with leading professionals and go beyond the classroom for situated learning. By equipping them with the necessary skills, insights and opportunities, the committee purposes to help WKWSCI students gain inside access to the industry and excel in their communication pursuits.

By students, for students, NTU WKWSCI: Engage is advised by Ms. Wong Pei Wen, a lecturer at the WKW School.

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A Message from the Committee:

WKWSCI is committed to nurturing a future generation of highly adaptable communication leaders who can take up global challenges both within and outside of the communication industry. In line with the school’s mission, NTU WKWSCI: Engage is led by an executive committee of student leaders from the WKW School who have a passion to shape the future of communication through continued education and collaboration.

Founded in 2016, the committee has since partnered with leading communication agencies, secured valuable networking opportunities with industry practitioners, and organised an inaugural communication-centered conference to keep our students on the frontiers of industry developments.

Now in its fourth iteration, the Engage committee has reimagined its suite of offerings to include student engagement events, industry mentorship programmes, and a thought leadership resource bank.

The Big Scoop

On 8th September 2019, we held our annual launch event, The Big Scoop. The Big Scoop provides a platform for final-year WKW students who have completed their professional internships to share insights and experiences, helping juniors gain a better understanding of the industry.

This year, 200 students attended our panel discussions and mingling sessions, hosted by over 40 seniors representing more than 35 companies within the communication industry.

Please click the link here to browse photos from the event.

Industry Mentor Programme

Our newly-launched initiative, the Industry Mentor Programme, ran across the month of October. The programme seeks to connect students to industry mentors and alumni, building a culture of mentorship and increasing the visibility of WKWSCI and its students within the industry.

The Engage committee secured a total of 37 mentor partnerships, including coffee chats, workshops, and job shadowing opportunities, with 26 reputable companies across the PR and Advertising industry. The programme received 170 sign-ups from WKWSCI undergraduates, who gained the opportunity to engage with and learn from seasoned industry practitioners on a more intimate front.

We would like to give a special thanks to the mentors who generously offered their time and expertise for the programme. Please click here to find a comprehensive list of organisations and individuals who were involved.

Our Mentor Partners

Mentor Day

As part of the Industry Mentor Programme, Mentor Day gives students an exclusive opportunity for an agency tour and intimate networking sessions with leading companies in the industry.

This year, 67 WKWSCI undergraduates were kindly brought on a tour of renowned companies IPG, McCANN and TBWA\ to delve deeper into their work and industry insights.

Please click the link here to browse our photo albums from Mentor Day.

Engage with NTU WKWSCI

This year, The Engage with NTU WKWSCI initiative extends from past conferences which featured themes including "Harnessing Technology in Communication", and "Navigating the Digital Economy: Storytelling, Trends and Millenials".

As part of our efforts, the Engage committee will be hosting a panel on the global AEJMC Public Relations Division Virtual Conference. The panel, “Rethinking Communication in Asia: Top Trends and Challenges in Leading Change Responsibly”, features key industry leaders who will discuss trends surrounding the changing role of the corporate communication officer in Asia.

NTU WKWSCI: Engage 2019/20

President: Heather Seet Huiying

Vice-President (Mentor): Yeo Wei Min Justin

Vice-President (Engage with NTU WKWSCI): Lee Jia Qian

Chair (Mentor): Teo Boon Kang Jonathan

Vice-Chair (Mentor): Toh Han Kuang Dion

Chair (Engage with NTU WKWSCI): Lau Zhi Xin

Vice-Chair (Engage with NTU WKWSCI): Fong Yihui

Content Lead (Engage with NTU WKWSCI): Huang Jun Yao Kenneth

Content Lead (Engage with NTU WKWSCI): Aronn Lim Chong Leong

Director of Marketing & Publicity: Joanne Tan

Director of Marketing & Publicity: Julia Tan Kai Yun

Head of Social Media Content: Gladys Seah Jing Ting

Head of Production: Joyce Gao Wenjing