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The Communication & Information Club (CI Club) is the official student club that represents and serves the student body of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University. The CI Club also enhances the vibrant school culture at WKWSCI, organising events and activities for the students to enjoy.

Message from the club:

Beyond the fantastic academic experience and faculty here at WKWSCI that has made us into one of the top 10 communication schools in the world, a critical component of the WKWSCI Experience is its robust student life.

Charged with preserving and building upon the unique culture and student experience at WKWSCI is the Communication and Information (CI) Club, which is in its 26th iteration.

The CI Club organises numerous school events, which are a cornerstone of WKWSCI. These events range from smaller, more intimate ones like Valentine’s Day and Exchange Student Night, to larger ones like Halloween and Communication Studies Week, a week-long celebration of all things WKWSCI.

Another cornerstone would be Theme Week, which takes place in both semesters. It’s become something of an institution both within and outside of WKWSCI, and while others may try to organise something similar, nothing can compare to the lengths that WKWSCI students go to when they dress up for Theme Week.

Augmenting the efforts of the Club are four ad-hoc committees: The Freshmen Orientation Programme, Dinner and Dance, Paparazzi Theatre Production, and WeeVolunteer. These ad-hoc committees give students a chance to lead and execute events that involve months of hard work and planning. Together with the CI Club, they exist to foster strong bonds within the student body and provide a platform for students to showcase their talents.

Last but definitely not least, the CI Club is the intermediary between the student body and the staff. We highlight pertinent issues that affect the student body to the appropriate individuals, so as to arrive at a solution that is in the best interests of all parties involved.

With student life and welfare being central to all that we do, the CI Club will continue to create meaningful and fulfilling experiences for all throughout the academic year.

Follow us on Instagram (@wkwsci) or on Facebook (WKWSCI – CI Club) to be informed about all our activities. Feel free to drop us a message there as well if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions!

Ho Kai Feng
President | 26th Communication & Information Club


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