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Overseas Exchange Opportunities



How do I choose an overseas university?

You can find out about WKWSCI and NTU’s overseas partners at the GEM Explorer website – refer to the links above. An MoU partner is a university that NTU, HASS or WKWSCI has made special agreements with to send students on exchange. With a MoU partnership, students pay tuition to their home universities.

You may also elect to go to these universities as a fee-paying student (meaning you pay the host university’s tuition and fees directly to them.). Alternatively, you can research and propose another university that you are interested in attending as a fee-paying student. You might want to consider going to the following countries, which offer free or heavily subsidised education to all students including foreign students.

1. Finland
2. Norway
3. Germany
4. Taiwan

NOTE: When you apply to OGEM for exchange, you must go through several application processes. The first is to apply to the OGEM programme and be accepted on the NTU side. After that, you’ll have to apply to the host university and be accepted there as well. In most cases, the host university accepts our students. But there have been instances where the host university has rejected a student for a variety of reasons. Being accepted by OGEM for exchange is a good indication you’ll be accepted by your host, but it is not guaranteed.