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Overseas Exchange Opportunities



Scholarship opportunities:

OGEM has scholarships and grants opportunities. You can go here for more information.

At WKWSCI, the Professor Eddie Kuo Scholarship is available only for WKWSCI students.
To apply, please click here.

What’s the notification process?
OGEM will notify students about the results of the selection and individual placements. This applies to all applicants, regardless of which host university you have selected and whether the host university is a WKWSCI MoU or not. I got a placement, but it’s not one of the schools I selected and I’m not even sure I want to go!

If you didn’t receive one of your top three choices, this usually means that you were after a highly competitive spot and/or it was a very competitive year. GEM does its best to locate substitute placements for students, which is why you may have gotten a placement in a school that was not stated in your choices. But don’t fear! There are options. Often students turn down their placements for a variety of reasons, so it is possible that a placement somewhere you’d like to go may open up. For Explorer, GEM typically holds a second round selection process to allow students who are unhappy with their placements to see what else is available and make a decision as to whether or not they would like to shift to another university.

Will my grades on exchange be counted in my GPA?
The grades you earn while on exchange do not transfer back to NTU; only the AUs do. However, you need to get a passing grade while you are on exchange in order to receive the AU credits. Note that what constitutes a passing grade is defined by the host university. Conversely, a fail grade will be reflected on your NTU transcript. Your final GPA will be calculated based on the grades you earned while in WKWSCI/NTU and will be calculated according to the AUs earned in Singapore, rather than spread across the total AUs which include the AUs you earned on exchange.

After your exchange semester, you will receive a transcript from your host university which we recommend you to hang on to, in case you want to show a future employer or graduate.