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Second major for COHASS students

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Second major for COHASS students

Curriculum Requirements for Second Major in CS

A minimum of 36 AUs shall constitute a second Major in Communication Studies. To fulfill this requirement, the student must take nine electives from five different groups in addition to the three core courses as listed below.

Curriculum structure

CORE courses :

  • CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies (3 AUs)
  • CS0204 Basic Media Writing (3 AUs)
  • CS2008 Fundamentals of Research, or an equivalent course (3 AUs)

Prescribed Electives:

27 to 36 AUs (9 electives)

Students will select at least one but not more than three electives from each of the five groups listed below.

Group 1: Journalism Concentration

CS2021 News Reporting and Writing (3 AUs)
CS2022 Basic Media Writing in Chinese (3 AUs)
CS2023 Publication Design (3 AUs)
CS4015 News Reporting and Writing in Chinese (4 AUs)
CS4017 Specialised Journalism: Public Affairs (4 AUs)
CS4018 Specialised Journalism: Business and Economics (4 AUs)

Group 2: Broadcast and Cinema Studies Concentration

CS2006 Visual Communication Theories & Their Applications (3 AUs)
CS2025 Image and Sound Production (3 AUs)
CS2029 Broadcast Journalism: Concepts and Applications (3 AUs)
CS4055 TV Studies: Critical Approaches (4 AUs)
CS4054 Asian Cinema (4 AUs)

Group 3: Communication Policy and Research Concentration

CS2007 Communication History and Theories (3 AUs)
CS2054 Interpersonal Communication (3 AUs)
CS2056 Psychology and Communication (3 AUs)
CS4037 Audience Research Methods (4 AUs) (pre-requisite: CS2008)
CS4058 Intercultural Communication (4 AUs)
CS4059 Public Opinion (4 AUs)

Group 4: Public Relations Concentration

CS2055 Organisational Communication (3 AUs)
CS2058 Integrated Marketing Communication (3 AUs)
CS4028 Public Relations Writing (4 AUs)
CS4030 Crisis Management (4 AUs)
CS4033 Corporate Communication Management (4 AUs)
CS4064 International Public Relations (4 AUs)

Group 5: Advertising Concentration

CS2006 Visual Literacy and Communication (3 AUs)
CS2031 Creative Strategies (3 AUs)
CS2032 Graphic Communication (3 AUs) (pre-req: CS2006)
CS4029 Advertising, Creativity and Copywriting (4 AUs)
CS4034 Brand Management (4 AUs)
CS4037 Audience Research Methods (4 AUs)

​​​AY16-17 Semester 2: Courses Offered

Please refer to the attached PDF file for the list of courses offered in Semester 2, AY16-17.

WKWSCI - COURSE OFFERED FOR SEM 2 1617 (2nd Major in CS).pdfWKWSCI - COURSE OFFERED FOR SEM 2 1617 (2nd Major in CS).pdf