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Second Major for COHASS students


(revised with effect from AY2017/2018)
The Second Major in Communication Studies is open to students in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences except students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI).

A minimum of 30AUs shall constitute the revised Second Major in Communication Studies.
To fulfil this requirement, the student must complete the core courses (6 AUs), and any of the electives from the three broad specialisations of Broadcast and Cinema Studies, Communication Research and Information Analytics, and Advertising and Public Relations to fulfil minimum 24AUs for the Second Major. The courses for the Second Major in Communication Studies are read as Unrestricted Electives (UE).
The revised curriculum for Second Major in Communication Studies will be applicable for non-WKW students who is accepted by WKWSCI to read the Major in AY17-18 Semester 1.  Students who are currently pursuing the Second Major in Communication Studies and have completed some of the courses have the option to switch to the revised curriculum to fulfil their Second Major.  For those who wish to fulfill their Second Major by following through the existing curriculum, we will support the students on this.
Important note:

 - Second Major students are allowed to read up to a maximum of three CS courses (excluding compulsory 
   courses) on their exchange programme and count them towards fulfilling the second major requirements

 - Students are not allowed to exercise the S/U option for courses that count towards the second major requirements

 Course Code and Title  AU  Pre-requisite
 Foundations of Communication Studies
3  NIL
 Media Law, Ethics and Policy
3  NIL
Group 1 – Broadcast & Cinema Studies
 Course Code and Title  AU  Pre-requisite
 Theories of Visual Communication Theories and their

 *This course will not be offered from AY2018/2019 

3  NIL
 Genre and Narrative Strategies  
3  NIL
 Popular Cinema
4  NIL
 Asian Cinema 
4  NIL
 TV Studies: Critical Approaches 
4  NIL
 Issues in Cinema Studies 
4  NIL
 The Korean Wave: A Multidisciplinary Perspective 
4  NIL
 Film Festivals: History and Theory
4  NIL
 Issues in Cinema Studies: Cinema and Social 
4  NIL
Group 2 – Communication Research and Information Analytics
 Course Code and Title  AU  Pre-requisite
 Communication Histories and Theories 
3  CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies
 Fundamentals of Research
3  NIL
 People, Politics and the Media 
3  CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies
 Comparative Press Systems
3  NIL
 Interpersonal Communication 
3  NIL
 Psychology and Communication
3  NIL
 Media Effects 
3  NIL
 Social Consequences of Mobile Communication  
3  NIL
 CS2067 / CS2167
 Communication Research Practicum
3 / 4  CS2008 Fundamentals of Research
 Digital Media Entrepreneurship
3  CS0209 Media Law, Ethics & Policy
 Foundation of Information Analytics 
3  NIL
 Information Analytics: Tools, Techniques and
3  NIL
 Information Visualisation and Presentation
3  NIL
 Data Mining 
3  CS2400 Foundation of Information Analytics
 Social Media Mining 
4  CS2405 Data Mining
 Audience Research Methods
4  CS2008 Fundamentals of Research
 Advanced Research Methods 
4  CS2008 Fundamentals of Research
 Intercultural Communication 
4  NIL
 Public Opinion
4  NIL
 Persuasion and Social Influence 
4  NIL
 Global Media Issues and Policy
4  NIL
 Information Society and Policy
4  NIL
 Special Topics: Media in Singapore ​
4  NIL
 Digital Media and Human Relationships
4  NIL
 CS4086 / CS4186
 Communication Research Practicum 
3 / 4  CS2008 Fundamentals of Research
 New Media and Society 
4  NIL
 Network Perspectives on Information, Communication 
 and Media
4  NIL
Group 3 – Advertising and Public Relations
 Course Code and Title  AU  Pre-requisite
 Corporate Communication Management 
3  NIL
 Organisational Communication 
3  NIL
 Integrated Marketing Communication 
3  NIL
 Crisis Management 
4  NIL
 Media Planning and Strategies 
4  NIL
 Brand Management 
4  CS2058 Integrated Marketing Communication
 Issues in Advertising 
4  CS2058 Integrated Marketing Communication

For Second Major in Communication Studies (admitted BEFORE AY2017/2018) click

For List of Courses offered in AY2019/2020, Semester 2:

AY1920 S2 Course List_Minor in CS AFTER AY2017_18.pdfAY1920 S2 Second Major in CS_Courses for students admitted BEFORE AY2017_18

AY1920 S2 Course List_Minor in CS BEFORE AY2017_18.pdfAY1920 S2 Second Major in CS_Courses for students admitted FROM AY2017_18 onwards

Compuslory Courses for Second Major in CS 

Students who wish to pursue a Second Major in CS are required to take two compuslory courses, CS0201 (only offered in Semester 1) and CS0209.

If you wish to take CS0209 in AY19/20 Semester 2, please fill up the form below:


Do note that this does not guarantee that you will be registered for the course as it is subjected to course vacancies. For those who are not registered for the courses this semester, please try again in the subsequent semesters.

An email notification will be sent out to those who have been successfully registered for the courses by Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020.