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Minor in Communication Studies (admitted from AY2011/2012 to AY2016/2017)

Minor in Communication Studies (admitted from AY2011/2012)

The Minor in Communication Studies is open to all students in NTU except students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Academic requirement

Students fulfill at least15 AUs to be awarded the minor. 

Students must take any three modules from the list of prescribed electives in addition to one compulsory module, CS8100 Fundamentals of Communication Studies. A minimum grade B is requred in CS8100 for students to continue with the Minor Programme.

Note: Minor students may clear a maximum of 2 CS courses on their exchange programme.

For students admitted from AY2013-14, a maximum of ONE (1) GER-CORE or GER-PE (GER Prescribed Elective) is allowed to be counted towards the minor requirement (provided the GER-CORE or GER Prescribed Elective is also in the Minor's list of courses). In this case, if a student takes CS8100 as a GER-Prescribed Elective, no need to re-classify to UE to be counted towards a Minor.

Curriculum structure

Core (3 AUs)

CS8100 Fundamentals of Communication Studies (3AUs)

Students must achieve a minimum Grade B in CS8100 to proceed with Minor in Communication Studies.


Student to choose 3 to 4 Electives to fulfill a minimum 12AUs for the minor. 

3 AU electives:

CS0204 Basic Media Writing
CS2006 Visual Literacy and Communication
CS2021 News Reporting and Writing
CS2022 Basic Media Writing in Chinese
CS2029 Broadcast Journalism
CS2051 Comparative Press Systems
CS2055 Organisational Communication
CS2057 Media Effects
CS2058 Integrated Marketing Communication

4 AU electives: 

CS4059 Public Opinion
CS4030 Crisis Management
CS4058 Intercultural Communication
CS4015 News Reporting and Writing in Chinese​