UG Peer Advisors

Meet WKWSCI's undergraduate peer advisors- Meihui, Ryan and Ting Wei. They are Year 4 students who have been selected to help undergraduates with course choices, advise on student experiences like overseas exchange, professional internship and have extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of the School and the University.

Please meet our AY2017/18 peer advisors:
Chen Meihui2.jpg
Chen Meihui
Meihui is a Public Relations major. She is active in programmes offered by the school, having taken on the role of a character 3 times her age in Paparazzi 2015, and as the Vice-Chairperson of the Freshmen Orientation Camp. 

Meihui has recently completed her six month Professional Internship at PR boutique company Tate Anzur, who boasts of clients such as Google and the Singapore Night Festival. Despite being an intern, she was given opportunities outside of the usual jobscope, such as brainstorming for upcoming bids, pitching to media, facilitating interviews and media conferences, all of which provided her with a good understanding of the industry.

Meihui went to Lehigh University (US) for her semester exchange, where she was the only Singaporean in her exchange university 15,000km away in the land of ounces and miles.

If you happen to need tips on anything and everything at all (from what modules to take to how to fit two weeks worth of clothing into a backpack), you can find her fairly easily at her favourite spot in the whole school- the benches.
Ryan Lai.jpg
 Ryan Lai
Ryan specialises in communication research and information analytics. In his second year, he embarked on a year-long research programme, URECA, where he researched on the antecedents of problematic use of social networking sites. He went for a semester-long exchange at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.

Ryan was the co-chair for Weetrip 2015, WKW's student-led OCIP team that lived and worked in a tiny village in Laos for two weeks. The team constructed proper sanitation facilities for the only primary school in a cluster of 5 villages that used nature as their toilet. In Singapore, he had various stints in public agencies like STB, MOE, MOF and MFA.
  He completed his Professional Internship at MOF where he learnt much about the social sector in Singapore as well as the complexities of policy-making.

Ryan will be more than happy to share his experiences with you or to help you in any way he can.
Toh Ting Wei2.jpeg
Toh Ting Wei
Ting Wei is a journalism major. He was previously the News Editor of the Nanyang Chronicle. He recently finished his six-month internship with international newswire Agence France-Presse, where he covered beats ranging from sports to court, on top of photo and video coverage.

Ting Wei has also worked as a sports reporter for The Straits Times, and a news reporter for The New Paper. He went to Jonkoping University in Sweden for his semester exchange programme. Do feel free to approach him if you have any questions, and he will try his best to help.