UG Peer Advisors

We are proud to introduce to you WKWSCI's undergraduate peer advisors- Zi Min, Joshua, Wenbin, and Haziq. They are Year 4 students who have been selected to help undergraduates with course choices, advise on student experiences like overseas exchange, professional internship and have extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of the School and the University.

Please meet our AY2016/17 Semester 1 peer advisors:
Foo Zi Min.jpg.png 

"A Public Relations major, Zi Min loves being around people, which prompted her to join WKWSCIFOC 2015 as the Honorary General Secretary. Zi Min was part of the social media team for Nanyang Chronicle, WKWSCI’s campus newspaper, and also led the education team in WKWSCI’s Weetrip to Na ‘Learng, Laos. An alumnus of River Valley High School, she went on a full semester exchange at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, under the Temasek Foundation LEaRN scholarship. She was selected for an internship in the Corporate Communications Department at Marina Bay Sands. From media tours and celebrity events to press conferences and Corporate Volunteerism projects, the wide range of projects she dabbled in has given her a good understanding of the work and perks of a PR agent (such as being 10cm away from Chris Evans). If you have something that troubles you, go to the benches and say 'hi' and she will give her fullest attention.”

Foo Zi Min (

Joshua Ng Jun Hao 2.jpg 

"A starry-eyed Joshua first saw Harry Potter in the summer of 2001 and fell utterly & irrevocably in love with cinema. 1 week later, he was back in the theatres watching it again and 12 years later, he enrolled in WKWSCI to chase his dream. This National Junior College alumnus is now a College Scholar majoring in Broadcast and Cinema Studies. His once-starry eyes have seen everything, from the spectacular sights of Europe which he explored during his exchange at Stuttgart Media University, to the harsh realities of the industry which he experienced first-hand during his recently completed internship at OHBOY! Pictures, a corporate video production house. He’s also overseeing Perspectives Film Festival 2016 as the festival director and will definitely invite you to come for it if he sees you around school. Come find him if you want to know more about the Broadcast life! Having undertaken both production & post-production roles, he’s more than happy to share his insights with you, or to simply chat about film!"

Joshua Ng Jun Hao (

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"WenBin is an Anderson JC alumnus and a College scholar, who specializes in Public Relations. He is active in multiple programs offered by the school, having taken part in JENESYS 2.0 where he got to travel to Japan on an all-expenses paid trip, and spent 6 months braving Boston’s historic winter storm while studying at Boston University through NTU’s exchange programme. He was also a designer in WKWSCI’s very own Perspective Film Festival, the post-production editor in TV Spectrum, WKWSCI’s television practicum and part of the publicity team in WKWSCI’s Weetrip to Laos, an overseas CIP programme. Besides Public Relations, WenBin has also taken modules in the Research and Broadcast track as well. Through WKWSCI’s professional internship programme, he spent 7 months at Rolls-Royce Singapore working on marketing and internal communication projects. He also concurrently worked on URECA, NTU’s undergraduate research experience programme. WenBin is often off pursuing hobbies that catch his eye. He has worked on multiple personal projects ranging from audio and animation to chasing the zigzags of the financial markets. Although he may seem a little too enthusiastic when he talks about the things that interest him, don’t worry. He doesn’t bite."

Yeo Wen Bin (

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"Aqil Haziq Mahmud is a Journalism major. He was a news editor for the Nanyang Chronicle in his second year, and editor of the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine in his third year in NTU. He also interned last year as a news reporter at TODAY – where he covered community and defence stories – and earlier this year as a sports reporter at The New Paper – where he wrote on local and global sports. Haziq also went on a semester exchange at Suffolk University in Boston. When not helplessly sniffing out his next scoop, Haziq can be found enjoying a good game of football on the telly or the pitch. Or with friends at the WKWSCI benches. Or at home having a quiet moment or two."

Aqil Haziq (