Course exemptions for polytechnic diploma holders

How many AUs can I exempt?

Polytechnic diploma holders are granted exemptions of up to 12 academic units. 

When do I apply for exemptions?

All applications for exemptions must be done in the first semester of the first year. 

What can I exempt? 

Exemptions are only given only for non-communication courses in two categories:  

    • ​​General Elective Requirement - Prescribed Electives (maximum of 6AU)
    • Unrestricted Electives (maximum of 6AU)

What do I need to submit to exempt a course? 

A short course description of the course will suffice, in addition to your polytechnic transcript. As these are unmatched courses, you do not need to submit course syllabi when you applyStudents eligible for exemptions will be notified of exact procedures before the start of the semester.

Can I use an exemption toward minor requirements at NTU?

No. If you plan to pursue a minor in another programme such as business or psychology, register and take those courses as UEs. Exempted courses will not count toward a minor.

Are exempted courses included in my grade point average?

Exempted courses do not carry any grades and will not be included in the computation of CGPA. 

How do exempted courses appear on my transcript? 

  • The courses that you have been exempted from and the academic units earned will be reflected in your degree audit after the release of the first semester's examination results.
  • As this is a generic exemption, you will be granted exemptions in the form of UE1, UE2, GER-PE 1, GER-PE 2, etc.

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