Submission Requirements and Grading Criteria



 Evaluation Criteria
 Research projects can employ quantitative or qualitative methods, and can include theoretical or applied
 1. Written Report (90%)
 Examiners will evaluate the written report based on:
- Introduction, identification of the research gap and research questions, thoroughness of the literature review 
 - Appropriateness of methodology and data analysis (40%)
- Logical, analytical, and critical thinking, and discussion of implications (20%)

- The written report should conform to the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American 
   Psychological Association, preferably printed in Times Roman 12-point font (except headings).
- The maximum number of words for the abstract is 200 words, the main text should be the length of a 
   typical article (5,000 to 8,000 words excluding references, tables and figures
- Appendices should be limited to material recommended in APA guidelines.

 The students hold the copyright for their projects and the copyright text on the project should clearly indicate
 this (e.g. © student(s) name, 2018). However, the students must also include the
NTU logo and a text card in 
 the credits or at the site that reads, 

 "This work was produced as final-year project in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information,
  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore." 

 NOTE: When used on black background, students are expected to adjust the black level of the logo so that it
 merges with the background. 

 Each written report must be presented in ring binding with clear, plastic cover and card stock backing.

 3. Oral Presentation (10%)
 Each project group will make an oral presentation. The presentation will include an explanation of the project 
 and its goals, as well as a critical assessment. At the end of the presentation, members of the project group will 
 answer questions from moderators.