Submission Requirements and Grading Criteria


Grading Criteria

 - Continuous assessment is 20% of the final grade that appears on your transcript when your group
   completes the project.
 - Your seminar supervisor grades "CA"--your contribution to the process, including participation in the
   seminar and deliverables throughout the year.
 - Individual group members' CA scores often differ from one another. 
 Product: Click your project type on the right of this page for criteria
 - When the individual receives her grade at the end of the year, the grade for the final product is 80% of it,
   and is the same for each of a group's members.
 - Of this product grade, your supervisor's score is 40%, and the scores of two other examiners (often called
   "moderators") are weighted 30% each. 
 - Moderators don't grade CA or process--only the final product.

 If you're thinking, "hey that all adds up to more than 100%," take a closer look at what's getting graded by
 whom and how it all fits together. 
 What's the curve like for FYP? There's no strict curve.

 But a distribution of grades inevitably occurs; project quality varies, despite the consistently high effort
 invested. So be sure to get feedback from multiple channels all along the way to keep your project on track. 
 What's on my transcript?
 - Your transcript only shows one letter grade for your FYP at the end of the project.
 - After the first semester, the transcript only shows an "IP" for "In Progress"--an optimistic assessment!--
   which doesn't have any effect on your GPA.
 - After the second semester of FYP, a letter grade appears that counts for 12AU in your CGPA.