Final Year Project


FYP Project Submission


 The deadline is  4pm on Thursday 30 March 2017, but we will be collecting FYPs from 9.30am on that day.

 Projects are to be submitted to:
 - Wee Kim Wee Student Services Centre (Discussion Room outside WKW Student Services Centre on level 4).
ech Team (B1-08): FYP Videos only

 The other submissions should be done online.
 - Archival Submission via DR-NTU (Library)
 - Turnitin via NTULearn (Plagiarism Checker)
 - Google docs or Dropbox (The Appendices): FYP Videos only
 - VIMEO: FYP Video only
   Each group is required to upload their video to VIMEO and show clearly in the report the link 
   for accessing the video. The videos are not to be edited after the 30 March submission

 Not all group members have to be present for the submission, but a representative of each group has to endorse the FYP 
 submission with a signature.

 Please refer to the overall checklists (including FYP Video) for projects submission.

 FYP Submission Checklist.pdfFYP Submission Checklist.pdf
 FYP Submission Checklist_FYP Video.pdfFYP Submission Checklist_FYP Video.pdf

 You will have to submit three copies of your FYP - one copy for the supervisor and two for moderators.

 The front cover of each FYP report and all supporting documents should include the following information:
 - The NTU logo
 - Project Title
 - Project ID
 - Full Names and Matriculation Numbers of all group members
 - Name of supervisor (You do not need to include moderators' names)
 - For written reports, use ring binding with a clear, plastic cover and a card backing. Bundle the reports together and the 
   UG team will distribute them to the moderators.
 The penalty for late submissions is to deduct 5 points per day late; the weekend will count as two days. Groups who
 submit their media on time and re-submit new copies after the deadline are subject to the late policy. The late penalty
 may be waived in the event of serious illness, bereavement, or other events beyond the students' control. The FYP 
 committee, in consultation with the FYP supervisor, will approve any waivers and set a later deadline.
 - Submit the report. Appendices need not be submitted.
 - For projects like feature writing and scripts that can be submitted in text files, submit both the report and the the text
   files (e.g., the feature articles).
 - Though you may resubmit in TurnItIn up until the due date, make sure the last submission is the final version of the
   report that is also submitted as hard copies.
 - Your FYP supervisor will examine the last submission from a member of your group and see if there is plagiarism in  
   that, using the detailed report that the software generates and her own judgment about material the software flags as a 
 - Only one member needs to submit the material in TurnItIn for the group. If multiple members submit drafts, the supervisor
   will examine the last one submitted.
 - The software is programmed to ignore material in quotation marks and bibliographic entries.
 - There is no magical percentage of matching content that is allowed. A quick look at the projects submitted so far shows 
   that most have between 0-2% matching material.