Final Year Project


FYP seminars

After semester 1 of their third year, students will be asked to submit their plans for their final year projects, including:

  • Group members' names
  • Project type
  • Optional: Brief description with working title

Then, groups will be allocated to seminars. Your seminar instructor is the FYP supervisor for each group in the seminar. Each group will only have one supervisor, except in exceptional circumstances.

Approximately 6 groups will be allocated to each seminar, all with the same project type or similar project. Seminars will meet throughout the academic year at a time on the timetable, just like any other course. In a typical weekly seminar session, students will meet with all the other groups and their supervisor.

If in a given year, only one group is doing a certain project type, that group may be allocated to a supervisor outside the seminars. ​​