Final Year Project


FYP Funding

All projects will receive a lump sum grant of $300 around mid-year.

There is no need to submit receipts for what this grant is used for.

Each group has to designate a treasurer who will provide his/her bank details and receive the payment via GIRO in his/her personal account. It is the treasurer's responsibility to disburse the funds to other group members. ​

External Funding

The NTU Development Office works with foundations that donate to the university and they coordinate the donors funds across the university. As such, the Development Office requests that FYP groups refrain from asking the following organisations for support: the Lee Foundation, Lien Foundation, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, Hong Leong Foundation, Ho Bee Investment, Temasek Foundation, Keppel Corporation and Shaw Foundation.

Should a contract with an external organisation be required, make sure your team and your supervisor are fully aware of the terms and conditions before committing to them. Upon accepting a donation, it is the responsibility of the FYP group to ensure all terms and conditions are met, including the deliverables to the organisation.​ The school does not enter into contracts on behalf of student groups.

If an external donation needs to be credited to the school, refer to the attached document for the process and information required:
If you have questions, feel free to consult your supervisor or the undergraduate team at the WKWSCI Student Services Centre, level 4, ​