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Clearances & permissions

Final Year Project


Clearances & permissions

Everyone wants your FYP to get as wide an audience as possible, and not just to sit on the (virtual) library shelf. So you must get the appropriate clearances and licenses. These include obtaining permission to record, tape or photograph on location and getting performers' authorization to use their performances.


The forms have been edited to make them more user-friendly but still include the necessary language to provide you with the rights you need for wider distribution to the public. If you modify the forms, discuss changes with your supervisor to make sure that you aren't limiting your options for distribution.

For Video Documentary and Video Drama


Producer's Warranty

A Producer's Warranty is needed in order for you to submit your work to festivals or competitions. It declares that you are not infringing upon any 3rd party copyright. Please note that a Producer's Warranty is not a substitute for any of the above clearances or for obtaining copyright permission. It merely declares that you have done so.

Producer's Warranty Form

If you wish to put up collaterals within WKWSCI, please refer to the guidelines below.


The students hold the copyright any media they produce as part of their FYP, unless they arrange otherwise with their clients or subjects. The copyright text within the projects should clearly indicate this (i.e. © student(s) name, 2017). However, the students must include a NTU logo and text at the end of their project, on the packaging, and any publicity materials which reads:

"This work was produced as a Final Year Project at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore"

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