Curriculum for AY17/18

Core Courses

Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 35 Academic Units (AUs) of core courses as per the table below:


Core Electives or Prescribed Electives (PEs)

Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 35 AUs of Core Electives/Prescribed Elective, within the duration of the four-year degree programme.

Of the 35 AUs, at least 20 AUs must be upper-level PEs as opposed to lower-level ones. Since upper level courses are 4 AUs each, this means you will have to take a minimum of 5 upper-level PEs. You may take more than 20 AUs of upper-level PEs if you wish to. This requirement is applicable to all students matriculated from AY 2014_15.

GER-CORE (General Education Requirement Core Courses)

(applicable for non USP CS students) "GER" stands for "general education requirement' and GER-CORE courses are 'breadth' courses for all NTU students.

Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 14 AUs of GER-CORE courses within the duration of their degree programme.

The GER-CORE courses comprise of the following: 

GER-PE (General Education Requirement – Prescribed Electives)

GERPE courses fall under three sub-categories:

  • LA: Liberal Arts
  • STS: Science, Technology & Society
  • BM: Business Management

All students need to complete a total of 15 AUs of GER-PE as follows:

Curriculum requirements for students admitted in AY 2017-18


*The 10 AUs are for the following GER-CORE courses:

  • CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies
  • CS0204 Basic Media Writing
  • CS0209 Media Law, Ethics and Policy
  • GC0001 Intro to Sustainability- Multidisciplinary approaches & solutions

**The 2 AUs are for the following 1 AU online courses:

  • HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning
  • ML0001: Absolute Basics for Career

***The 2 AUs are for the following 1 AU online courses:

  • ET0001 Enterprise & Innovation
  • ML0002 Career Power Up!

# Although the requirement is for students to take a minimum of 20 AUs of upper level PEs and a maximum of 15 AUs of lower level PEs, students who cannot clear the stipulated number of lower level PE AUs by the end of Year 2 can continue to take lower level PEs in Year 3 capped at 15 AUs.


The normal load for a semester is 16 AUs. If students wish to take additional courses beyond the normal load, please complete the course overloading form downloadable from the following link:

Do note that requests for overloading will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Academic Unit Structure and Requirement

Integrating the AU requirements for the Communication Studies and Business majors, the total AU requirement for the Bachelor of Communication Studies with a Second Major in Business remains at 128 AU. 

# students will choose from one of five tracks offered (3 electives ~ 12 AUs).

Table 1 & 2 below sets out the requirements for the CSBU programme:
 Table 1: CS AU Requirements 
 CORE (35 AU)
       CS2005 Speech and Argumentation (3 AU)
 CS2006 Theories of Visual Communication and Their Application (3 AU)
 CS2400 Foundation of Information Analytics (3 AU)
 CS2024 Web Design and Technologies (3 AU)
 CS4103 Professional Internship (11 AU)
 CS4004 Final Year Project (12 AU)
 Of the 35 AU, at least 20 AU must be upper-level Precribed Electives (See table above)
       CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies (3 AU)
 CS0204 Basic Media Writing (3 AU)
 CS0209 Media Law, Ethics and Policy (3 AU)
 ET0001 Entrepreneurship & Innovation (1AU)
 GC0001 Introduction to Sustainability (1 AU)
 HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning (1 AU)
 ML0001 Absolute Basic for Career (1 AU)
 ML0002 Career Power Up! (1 AU)
 GER-PE (6 AU)
       GER-PE (Liberal Studies + Science, Technology and Society)

 Table 2: BU AU Requirements 
 Second Major in Business 
 List of courses
 #Students are exempted from AB1202
 Statistical and Quantitative Methods but
 must take CS2400 Fundamentals of 
 Information Analytics, an introductory
 statistics course in the Communication
 Studies programme.
 AD1101 Financial Accounting (4 AU)
 AB1201 Financial Management (3 AU)
 AB1601 Organisation Behaviour and Design (3 AU)
 AB0901 Principles of Economics: A S'pore Perspective (3 AU)
 AB1301 Business Law (3 AU)
 AB1501 Marketing (3 AU)
 BE1401 Business Operations and Processes / AB1401 Information
 Technology & AB1402 Foundational Excel (4 AU)
 Choose 1 of 4 tracks (3 courses) (12 AU)
 AD2101 Management Accounting (4 AU)
 AC2301 Principles of Taxation (4 AU)
 AC2302 Company Law (4 AU)
 AC2401 Accounting Information Systems (4 AU)
 BF2101 Financial Statement Analysis (4 AU)
 BF2201 Investments (4 AU)
 BF2206 Wealth Management (4 AU)
 BF2207 International Finance (4 AU)
 BE3201 Entrepreneurial Finance
 BM2501 Market Behaviour (4 AU)
 BM2502 Market Intelligence (4 AU)
 BM2503 Market Relationships (4 AU)
 BM3502 Global Business Strategy (4 AU)
 BC2406 Analytics I: Visual and Predictive Techniques (4 AU)
 BC3401 Enterprise Processes and Analytics (4 AU)
 BC3402 Financial Service Processes and Analytics (4 AU)
 BC3403 Social Media and Digital Analytics (4 AU)
 BT2403 Service Operations Management (4 AU)
 BCxxxx Lean Operations and Analytics (4 AU)
 BCxxxx Supply Chain Management (4 AU)

Streaming into Tracks

Students will go through a streaming exercise at the end of Year 1 Semester 2 to select their tracks. This will allow them more time and flexibility for curriculum planning, especially for students considering a semester of overseas exchange. Streaming will be based on students’ choice and fulfillment of the entry criteria for each track set out in Table 3. 
 Table 3: Streaming Criteria for Tracks Offered by NBS
 Grade Criteria
 B or higher for AD1101 Financial Accounting
 Business Analytics
 B+ for CS2400 Fundamentals of Analytics and
 AB1401 Information Technology
 B+ or higher for AB1201 Financial Management
 B or higher for AB1501 Marketing
 B or higher for BE1401 Business Operations and Processes