CS Curriculum for AY17/18

Core Courses
Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 35 Academic Units (AUs) of Core courses as per the table below.

 Course Code  Course Title No of
Academic Units
CS2005  Speech and Argumentation 3
CS2006  Theories of Visual Communication and Their Applications 3
CS2024  Web Design and Technologies 3
CS2400  Foundation of Information Analytics 3
CS4203  Professional Internship 11
CS4004  Final Year Project 12

Core Electives or Prescribed Electives (PEs)
Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 35AUs of Core Electives/Prescribed Elective, within the duration of the four-year degree programme.

Of the 35AUs, at least 20AUs must be upper-level PEs as opposed to lower-level ones. Since upper level courses are 4AUs each, this means you will have to take a minimum of 5 upper-level PEs. You may take more than 20AUs of upper-level PEs if you wish to. This requirement is applicable to all students matriculated from AY 2014/15.

GER-CORE (General Education Requirement Core Courses) - applicable for non USP CS students
"GER" stands for "general education requirement" and GER-CORE courses are 'breadth' courses for all NTU students. Students who matriculated in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 14 AUs of GER-CORE courses within the duration of their degree programme.

The GER-CORE courses comprise of the following: 

 Category Course Code  Course Title No of
Academic Units
 Singapore Studies CS0209  Media Law, Ethics & Policy 3
 Communication Skills CS0201  Foundation of Communication Studies 3
 Communication Skills CS0204  Basic Media Writing 3
 Online Course ET0001  Entrepreneurship & Innovation 1
 Online Course GC0001  Sustainability 1
 Online Course HY0001  Ethics and Moral Reasoning 1
 Online Course ML0001  Absolute Basic for Career 1
 Online Course ML0002  Career Power Up! 1
GER-PE (General Education Requirement – Prescribed Electives)
GER-PE courses fall under three sub-categories:
  • LA: Liberal Arts
  • STS: Science, Technology & Society
  • BM: Business Management

All students need to complete a total of 15 AUs of GER-PE. Of the 15AUs, you must take at least 3AUs from each sub-category and the remaining 6AUs can be from any of the sub-categories.

 GER-PE Category No of Courses No of Academic Units
 GER-PE (BM) 1 3
 GER-PE (LA) 1 3
 GER-PE (STS) 1 3
 GER-PE (Any category) 2 6
 Total 5 15

Curriculum requirements for students admitted in AY 2017/18 

 Programme Year of Study Number of Academic Units (AUs)
Major Requirements General Education Requirements (GER) Total
Core Major PE GER-Core GER-Prescribed Electives UE
BM LA STS Any Category
 Bachelor of
1 12 35 10* 3 3 3 6 in any of the BM/LA/STS categories 29 128
2 0 2**
3 11 2***
4 12 0
Total 35 35 14 3 3 3 6 29
*The 10AUs are for the following GER-CORE courses:
 - CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies
 - CS0204 Basic Media Writing
 - CS0209 Media Law, Ethics and Policy
 - GC0001 Intro to Sustainability- Multidisciplinary approaches & solutions
**The 2AUs are for the following 1 AU online courses:
 - HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning
 - ML0001: Absolute Basics for Career
***The 2AUs are for the following 1 AU online courses:
 - ET0001 Enterprise & Innovation
 - ML0002 Career Power Up!

To note: Although the requirement is for students to take a minimum of 20AUs of upper level PEs and a maximum of 15AUs of lower level PEs, students who cannot clear the stipulated number of lower level PE AUs by the end of Year 2 can continue to take lower level PEs in Year 3 capped at 15AUs.

The load for each semester is up to 20AUs. Overloading is only allowed for Year 3 and 4 students who would like to overload to fulfil their academic requirements. Do note that overloading is applicable only for UE courses. All overloading requests will be subject to approval.