CS Curriculum for AY16/17

Core Courses
Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2016/17 are required to complete 35 Academic Units (AUs) of Core courses as per the table below:

 Course Code  Course Title No of
Academic Units
CS2005  Speech and Argumentation 3
CS2006  Theories of Visual Communication and Their Applications 3
CS2024  Web Design and Technologies

 *NEW as Core course for students matriculating in 2016 (was 
 previously as an Elective)
CS2400  Foundation of Information Analytics

 *NEW as Core course for students matriculating in 2016 (was
 previously an Elective)
CS4203  Professional Internship 11
CS4004  Final Year Project 12

Core Electives or Prescribed Electives (PEs)
Students who matriculate in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 35AUs of Core Electives/Prescribed Elective, within the duration of the four-year degree programme.

Of the 35AUs, at least 20AUs must be upper-level PEs as opposed to lower-level ones. Since upper level courses are 4AUs each, this means you will have to take a minimum of 5 upper-level PEs. You may take more than 20AUs of upper-level PEs if you wish to. This requirement is applicable to all students matriculated from AY 2014/15.

GER-CORE (General Education Requirement Core Courses)
applicable for non USP CS students
"GER" stands for "general education requirement" and GER-CORE courses are 'breadth' courses for all NTU students. Students who matriculated in Academic Year 2017/18 are required to complete 14 AUs of GER-CORE courses within the duration of their degree programme.

The GER-CORE courses comprise of the following:

 Category Course Code  Course Title No of
Academic Units
 Singapore Studies CS0209  Media Law, Ethics & Policy 3
 Communication Skills CS0201  Foundation of Communication Studies 3
 Communication Skills CS0204  Basic Media Writing 3
 Online Course ET0001  Entrepreneurship & Innovation 1
 Online Course GC0001  Sustainability 1
 Online Course HY0001  Ethics and Moral Reasoning 1
 Online Course ML0001  Absolute Basic for Career 1
 Online Course ML0002  Career Power Up! 1
GER-PE (General Education Requirement – Prescribed Electives)
GER-PE courses fall under three sub-categories:
  • LA: Liberal Arts
  • STS: Science, Technology & Society
  • BM: Business Management

All students need to complete a total of 15 AUs of GER-PE. Of the 15AUs, you must take at least 3AUs from each sub-category and the remaining 6AUs can be from any of the sub-categories.

 GER-PE Category No of Courses No of Academic Units
 GER-PE (BM) 1 3
 GER-PE (LA) 1 3
 GER-PE (STS) 1 3
 GER-PE (Any category) 2 6
 Total 5 15

Curriculum requirements for students admitted in AY 2016/17

 Programme Year of Study Number of Academic Units (AUs)
Major Requirements General Education Requirements (GER) Total
Core Major PE GER-Core GER-Prescribed Electives UE
BM LA STS Any Category
 Bachelor of
1 12 35 10* 3 3 3 6 in any of the BM/LA/STS categories 29 128
2 0 2**
3 11 2***
4 12 0
Total 35 35 14 3 3 3 6 29
*The 10AUs are for the following GER-CORE courses:
 - CS0201 Foundations of Communication Studies
 - CS0204 Basic Media Writing
 - CS0209 Media Law, Ethics and Policy
 - GC0001 Intro to Sustainability- Multidisciplinary approaches & solutions
**The 2AUs are for the following 1 AU online courses:
 - HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning
 - ML0001: Absolute Basics for Career
***The 2AUs are for the following 1 AU online courses:
 - ET0001 Enterprise & Innovation
 - ML0002 Career Power Up!

To note: Although the requirement is for students to take a minimum of 20AUs of upper level PEs and a maximum of 15AUs of lower level PEs, students who cannot clear the stipulated number of lower level PE AUs by the end of Year 2 can continue to take lower level PEs in Year 3 capped at 15AUs.

The load for each semester is up to 20AUs. Overloading is only allowed for Year 3 and 4 students who would like to overload to fulfil their academic requirements. Do note that overloading is applicable only for UE courses. All overloading requests will be subject to approval.