CS Curriculum for AY13/14

All students admitted in academic year 2013-14 must complete a minimum of 128 academic units, consisting of:

  • Core: 37 academic units

  • General Education Requirement-Core: 12 academic units

  • Major Prescribed Electives/Core Electives: at least 34 academic units

  • General Education Requirement-Unrestricted Electives: 30 academic units offered by WKWSCI or any other NTU school

  • General Education Requirement-Prescribed Electives: 15 academic units from the following sub-areas:
3 academic units from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
3 academic units from Business Management
3 academic units from Science, Technology and Society
3 academic units from Liberal Studies 
3 additional academic units from any of these four sub-areas above