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Academic Integrity for Graduate Students



Academic Integrity for Graduate Students

Wee Kim School of Communication and Information is committed to pursue research excellence and ensures the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour in all academic and research endeavours. It is fundamental that assignments, projects and proposals for coursework and research programmes submitted by students are of the highest integrity, and plagiarism will not be condoned.

Plagiarism is defined as having used or passed off one’s own writings or ideas of another, without acknowledging or crediting the source from which the ideas are taken. It includes the following:

  • The use of words, images, diagrams, graphs, or ideas derived from books, journals, magazines, visual media, and the internet without proper acknowledgement;
  • Copying of work from the internet or any other sources and presenting as one’s own; and
  • Submitting identical work for different courses or to different journals and publications.

Students are expected to observe academic integrity when writing and submitting assignments, projects or proposals for their coursework or research programmes, and provide references when citations are mentioned in their works.

For more information on NTU Academic Integrity Policy, please click here.

Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures for Declaration of Authorship

In view of the University’s implementation of the academic integrity policy and code of conduct, please take note of the following guidelines and declaration of authorship form for written assignments comprising 10% or more of assessment weightage for the course(s) which you are taking.

Academic Integrity Policy for Students
Declaration of Authorship form

Mode of Submission for Student

  • Online/softcopy assignments: Students are required to attach their assignments with a softcopy of the signed declaration of authorship form as one document for online submission.
  • Hardcopy assignments: Students are required to attach the hardcopy declaration of authorship form on the front page of their written assignments for hardcopy submission.

Please check with respective course instructors if your written assignment requires the declaration form. This has been implemented with effect from AY2012.