1. Thesis information and overview

2. Prior to Thesis Submission (to be completed 3 months before submission)

  • Oral Presentation to TAC
  • Confirmation of thesis title
  • Nomination of thesis examiners by student’s supervisor
  • Appointment of oral examination panel by student’s supervisor

3. Liability of Tuition Fees

  • The date on which the supervisor endorses the thesis to be in an acceptable form for examination shall be the date to determine the student's liability of tuition fees.
  • Students admitted before AY2017-18 are required to pay an examination fee when they submit their thesis, unless the examination fee is covered under the terms of the research scholarship and the thesis is submitted within the prescribed scholarship period. The examination fee is $214.00 for PhD student and $160.50 for Master's student. For students admitted in AY2017-18 & onwards, the examination fee is inclusive in the student's billing.

4. Appointment of Thesis Examiners

  • In general, a PhD thesis requires at least three independent examiners and a Master's thesis requires two independent examiners.
  • School to nominate examiners at least 3 months before student submits his/her thesis. The guidelines for nomination of thesis examiners are as follows:

5. Plagiarism Check for Thesis

  • Students are to turnitin their thesis report and submit the thesis report, thesis abstract and the turnitin report to the WKWSCI Student Services Centre before you make submission to the thesis submission system.

6. Online Submission of Thesis

  • Student are to submit their thesis via GSLink > Academic > Thesis > Thesis Submission
  • The thesis must be preceded by the following in the order given: Title page, Statement of Originality, Supervisor Declaration Statement, Authorship Attribution Statement, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents and Summary, all of which must be bound with the thesis. Should the thesis found not to be in the prescribed order, it would be rejected even if the student’s candidature or liability of tuition fees might be affected.
  • Students are required to submit the thesis in a form ready and acceptable for examination before the expiry of their maximum candidature. Those who fail to do so will be deemed to be no longer interested to continue with the programme and their candidature will lapse. Their names will be removed from the register of higher degree candidates.
  • Student are to provide the following:
    • Academic record
    • Examination payment receipt
    • Thesis report**
    • Thesis Abstract**
    • Turnitin report**

    ** denotes submission to WKWSCI Student Services Centre before proceeding to online thesis submission. Failing to do so, your online submission will be rejected by the School.

    Submission of Thesis User Guide for Students

  • Examiners are given 2 months to review the thesis.

7. Thesis Amendments and Oral Examination

  • Thesis Amendments
    • Student may retrieve the examiners’ report via the thesis portal. Student is to work with his/her supervisor to make amendments to thesis and submit the amended thesis to the WKWSCI Student Services Centre/OAS (based on the examiner’s reports).
      • Minor Amendments
        • May proceed to Oral Exam
        • After the Oral Exam, student is given one month to make amendments
      • Major Amendments
        • Student is given three months to make amendments
        • Amended thesis will be reviewed by examiner(s) and deemed satisfactory before proceeding to Oral Exam
    • Format to Reply to Examiner
      • Student should address his/her reply to each examiner individually
      • Contain a list of the amendments made, as well as the student’s reply to any questions raised by the individual examiner
      • Signed and dated by the student

        Format to reply to examiner

  • Oral Examination (Oral Defence)
    • A date will be set by the WKWSCI Students Services Centre to conduct the oral exam.
    • The oral examination panel will provide an outcome of the oral examination within 2 weeks.

8. Format of final thesis

Please refer to OAS’s guideline on the format of final thesis: