Student Administrative Information

GUIDELINES (Doctor of Philosophy and Masters by Research)

1. Graduate Student Link (GSLink)

  • Every student will be given a GSLink account upon matriculation.
  • Services such as checking of timetables, course registration, request for letters of certification, update of personal particulars and so on are available from GSLink.
  • Students can contact Service Desk for assistance at email:

2. Withdrawal/Termination of Candidate

  • The school may request for a student’s termination of candidature. The school will inform the relevant student of the reasons and any penalties accordingly.
  • Students may request for a withdrawal of candidature by giving one month’s notice. If the student is not a research scholar, research fees would be payable if he/she withdraws 2 weeks or more after the start of the candidature or the start of the semester.

3. Thesis Examination Form and Thesis Guide

  • Timeline for Thesis Submission

    Without incurring tuition fees Within first 2 weeks of every Semester [Note: The date on which your supervisor(s) endorses the thesis in the online Thesis Submission date will be taken as the date of submission and the last day of your stipend award.] Please remind your supervisor to endorse the thesis immediately once you submit it online.

    Tuition fees payment (after scholarship period)

  • Exam Fees payable by research student

    The university does not cover exam fees for scholarship students. Students are required to pay exam fees at One Stop @ SAC (Student Activities Centre), Blk NS3-01-03 (, Student Services Centre, before submitting thesis to the School. Rates of exam fees are as follows:

    More information about fees can be viewed at

  • New Procedures for Thesis Online Submission

    Please take note of the following instructions and requirements when you submit thesis for examination:
    1. 1 softcopy for PhD student’s thesis
    2. 1 softcopy of your thesis abstract
    3. Scan and upload the receipt for payment of examination fee
    4. Print, scan and upload your academic records (download through GSLink)

  • Thesis Guide and other information

    More information about thesis format and submission procedures can be found at OAS’s webpage at

  • Nomination of Examiners – for Supervisor’s Action

    Supervisors are to nominate examiners 6 months before student submits her thesis, seek consent from the examiners and submit the nominations to the School, so as to expedite the examination process. The guidelines for nomination of thesis examiners are as follows:

4. Conversion of Programme Status

  • This form is to be completed for changing your student status from full-time to part-time or vice versa.
  • You are allowed to apply for conversion of student status only once in your entire duration of your programme and reverting of status is not allowed after approval.
  • Please provide reason(s) in the form and provide supporting documents, where necessary.
  • If you are only left with your dissertation, you will not be allowed to convert from full-time to part-time status.
  • All requests are subjected to approval and must reach the WKWSCI Graduate Office before the deadline stated in email sent to the students’ NTU email account.
  • Late applications will not be considered.

Conversion of Programme Status Form

5. Leave of Absence (LOA). Leave of Absence (LOA)

  • Students may request and apply for a LOA. The Chair approves a LOA for up to one year, and leave for more than a period of cumulative one year is subject to the Assoc Provost’s approval.
  • If leave applied for extends beyond the maximum candidature, students must also seek approval for extension of candidature at the same time.

6. Medical Leave/Other Leave during scholarship period. Medical Leave/Other Leave during scholarship period

  • Research students may be granted sick leave on full scholarship stipend. Medical certificates are to be submitted to the School and supervisors should be informed.
  • Female research students may be granted maternity leave on full scholarship stipend for up to 8 weeks per childbirth. Requests for maternity leave are to be supported by medical certification and are to be submitted for the Chair’s approval.
  • Students may apply for annual leave during the semester break upon approval by supervisors. Students are not allowed to take leave during the semester time when they are required to attend classes & conduct research.

7. Overseas Research Attachments. Overseas Research Attachments

  • Research scholars may apply for research leave to undertake research work as required for projects.
  • Research leave with a duration of up to 6 months requires approval by the Chair; for a duration of more than 6 months an approval by the Assoc Provost is required.
  • If allowances are excessively generous relative to cost of living in the host country/university, the research scholarship will be discontinued during the student’s period of attachment. Otherwise, his/her scholarship will be continued.

Research Leave Application Form

Email template for TA supervisor to approve research leave

8. Overseas Conference Support. Overseas Conference Support

  • Research scholars may be given partial support for attending local/overseas conferences. Support for airfare, subsistence allowance and registration fees given on a lump sum grant will be at the discretion of the School.
  • Applications must be submitted to the student’s supervisor and Chair for approval. The Office of Finance will then process and inform student of the approval and terms of support accordingly.

Conference Leave Form with Financial Support for Master & PhD

Email template for TA supervisor to approve conference leave

Conference Travel Support for Students

9. Research Students’ Grant

Research students can apply for a grant of up to $3,000 for research project(s) during their tenure. Expenses incurred for their dissertation and other research projects can be reimbursed from this grant. Any equipment bought has to be returned to the University when the student graduates.

10. Scholarship Renewal

As you work toward the completion of your degree, we need to remind you of some steps and deadlines that have to be met in order for your scholarship to continue and to avoid paying fees yourself. Please note that scholarships for PhD students are renewable yearly (for a duration of 4 years) subject to the student’s satisfactory progress. Please consult your supervisor(s) and your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) on your thesis project and progress for your past months of candidature. In consultation with your supervisor, we will leave it to your supervisor’s discretion to decide on the mode of communication and frequency of meetings with your TAC. You are also expected to submit your progress report to your supervisor and TAC for their review.

For renewal of your scholarship, please submit your progress report directly to your supervisor(s) and TAC for their review. Failure to submit these materials on time will lead to expiration of your scholarship.

Progress Report Form
Supervisor’s Student Assessment Report Form

11. Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • NTU introduces a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) for incoming PhD students from August 2012 onwards.
  • Note that existing students will not be affected by this new policy.
  • The TAC does not apply to Master’s by Research students.
  • The purpose of the TAC is to monitor student progress and provide timely advice for PhD students.

Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) guidelines