The Dissertation component of the Master by Coursework degrees provides you with the opportunity to tackle a difficult problem and demonstrate an advanced grasp of difficult concepts and a good understanding of the issues associated with the project domain.

You are required to undertake and complete a large piece of work for the Dissertation component within the maximum candidature allowed; MSc Programmes (two academic years for full-time students and four academic years for part-time students).

  • Full-time students can pursue dissertation from second semester onwards.
  • Part-time students can pursue dissertation from end of third semester onwards.

This project may be orientated towards research or towards production of a useful artefact of software, hardware, management process, etc. Projects should be to a standard that would merit publishing the work.

To attempt dissertation students require a CGPA 4.00 and above (average grade B+ and above).

Dissertation Submission

Guideline plan for wavier of tuition fees payment for the last semester

Guideline plan for meeting the July Convocation

A. General Information

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