Critical Inquiry

Critical Inquiry (CI6299/H6799/K6399)

This course provides students with an overview of how to design and conduct a simple research study (project) for practical application on selected topics in the areas of information services, systems, and knowledge management. It covers study design and the preparation of proposals and manuscripts. Students are introduced to the main types of research methods, with a more in-depth examination of a few useful methods, to address information service/system/knowledge management problems. In this respect, a group of 3 students (No less than 3 students per group) are mentored by a staff member in a research project leading to a critical inquiry report and research outputs.

A. General Information


    At the end of the course, students are expected to:

    • Understand how to design and conduct a research project in the area of information study, information system, or knowledge management, and
    • Acquire in-depth knowledge in a selected research topic area


    A student should take this course only if:

    • Full-time students should take Critical Inquiry (CI) in the second semester,
    • Part-time students should take CI in the second year (starting from the third semester).


    Proposal and final report constitute 20%, and 80% of the overall grade respectively. There is no final exam. Proposal will be marked by your supervisor, and final report will be marked by your supervisor and an independent marker.

B. CI Course Syllabus & Topic list

CI syllabus and topic list are as follows:

C. Critical Inquiry Forms and Templates

Please ensure that you use the appropriate forms and templates

D. Proposal and Final Report Samples

  • Proposal Samples (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Report Samples (1, 2, 3, 4)

E. Guidelines

To find out more about Critical Inquiry Guidelines, you may like to click on the following links:

F. Useful Materials

Materials that might be useful during your research for CI

G. Contact Details

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