Print Quota

  1. Can I print even though I have not top up with ream(s) of paper?
    Yes. Full or Part time WKWSCI students are given $25 credit (equivalent to 500 pages) every academic calendar. However once this is used up, you have to provide a ream of paper in exchange for $25 worth of printing credits.

  2. Can Exchange students do printing in WKWSCI?
    Yes. Exchange Students are given $10 every academic calendar.

  3. Can the students taking minor do printing in WKWSCI?
    No. Minor students are not allowed to print.

  4. Where do I go to top up my quota?
    During office hours you can go to Loan Counter HERE. (behind the Sukho Thai Cafe)
    After office hours you can look for our student assistant on duty.

  5. What type of paper are accepted for the top up ?
    Only unopened ream(s) of A4 80gsm premium quality white paper suitable for laser printers are accepted. Preferred brands are:
    a) PaperOne
    b) DoubleA
    c) Hewlett-Packard

  6. Can I top up print quota for colour prints?
    No. Currently, you are unable to top up for colour printing.

  7. How does the top up card system work?
    You will be issued a top up card for every ream(s) of papers you provided.
    Top up of your print quota is available online.

  8. Where can I purchase ream(s) of paper?
    Some places where you can purchase printing paper for laser printers are:
    b) Eight Flags
    c) Popular Bookstore

  9. Can I top up more than 1 ream of paper at the same?
    Yes, you may top up more than 1 ream of paper.

  10. Does the system have top up limits?
    Yes. The print quota limits for an academic year are as follow:

    Undergraduate Programme Graduate Programme by coursework Graduate Programme by Research Project Officers Exchange & Minor Students
    4 5 5 5 Not Eligible

  11. Can I bring forward my unused balance to next acadamic year?
    No, all unused balance will be cleared at the end of each acadamic year.

  12. How do I top up my quota balances?
     Please see the instructions on how to Guide On how to top up PaperCut account quota balances.

  13. How do I transfer quota balances to others?
     Please see the instructions on how to transfer quota balances.

  14. Will I get refunded if my print job failed due to paper jam, document generated printers error etc?
    No refund will be given for bad printouts and similar causes.

  15. Who should I contact for Papercut/printer problems?
    Please see the Support hours and contact details.

  16. How do I Use the new sharp copier in the Lab?
    Please see the Guide on how to release your print job on PaperCut MF enabled copier.

  17. How do I Use my staff or student card to release my print Job?
    Please see the Guide on how to release print job using staff or student card.