Lab Support

Technical support is available :

Mon to Fri
8.30 am to 5.30 pm - Please email to or call (+65) 6790 HELP (4357).
6.30 pm to 10.00pm - Duty student assistant during teaching weeks. Contact details are posted on lab doors and notice boards.

8.30 am to 5 pm - Duty student assistant. Contact details are posted on lab doors and notice boards.

Duty student assistant availability is subject to change and we may not be able to enagage at all times. Please note student assistants are normally available from week 3 to 15 of each semester.

If the student assistant could not resolve your issue or there is no duty support personnel for the evening, please email to and the respective lab staff will respond to you next business day.

For lab support, please refer to the contact details below:

Facilities Location Support Contact

Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre

TR+ 7

TR+ 8

TR+ 9


CS 02-18

CS 02-21

CS 03-31

Communication & Information Library (CMIL) CS-01-18

Email :

Telephone : 67902927

Teo Sai Nen PC Laboratory

TanTong Meng PC Laboratory

MMC Room

CS 02-35

CS 02-35a

CS 02-34

Nanyang Chronicle / Newsplex Asia NP-01 Email :

Server (Sanbloc)

CS 03-34

Email :

Shinnyo-en Audio-Editing Suites

Final Cut Suite (FCS)

TV Studio & Control Room

CS 01-10A

CS 01-05/08

CS 01-18A

Email :

Mac Lab 3

Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) 1 & 2

Focus Group Observation Room & Usability Lab

CS 03-37

CS 03-22

CS 03-20

Email :

PPC Lab / PC Lab

Level 4 Conference Room

Executive Seminar Room

Seminar Room One (SR1)

Seminar Room Two(SR2)

CS 03-19 / CS 03-38

CS 04-48

CS 02-19

CS 03-29

CS 02-20

Email :

Spectrum Room

Advanced Video Editing Lab

CS B1-04

CS 03-36

Email :
Multimedia Lab CS 03-21 Email :