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By Public Transit

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By Public Transit


Take the MRT to Boon Lay terminal station & then take bus number 179 that goes into NTU campus.

The bus will travel to Pioneer Road North at the second entrance of NTU. After the bus goes into the campus, it will turn right to Nanyang Drive & travel along a big loop.

Along this stretch of road, you will see Hall 1 and 2 on the left. Then it will come to a cross junction and goes straight.

On the left you will see SIMTECH and School of Mechanical & Production Engineering.

It will go up a gentle slope and then goes down again. At this point, you will see National Institute of Education on your right.

After this, the 179 bus makes a 90 degree left turn and then up a slope.

When it is past the School of Civil & Environment Engineering on the left, it goes down again and passes the School of Biological Sciences and Techno Plaza.

Just after Techno Plaza, get off at a bus stop (half way down the slope) just in front of the School of Communication & Information.

View of the bus stop just in front of WKWSCI