About Us


Our Facilities

The home of the WKWSCI students is a 7,000sq m facility that houses dedicated labs equipped with cutting-edge technology for audio, radio, video, television, print media, multimedia production, advertising as well as communication and information research.

With the most technologically advanced equipment and resources at your fingertips, you will get the skills and expertise ​needed to excel in an ever-evolving media landscape. Rest assured that you will be graduating ahead of the game.

The Courtyard
Enter the five-story building and be greeted by an airy courtyard and amphitheatre fondly known to the students as the Depression.

The Benches
Make your way deeper into the school to find the iconic Atrium lined with benches and this where most of the students congregate. You will find them studying, socialising, or having their meals here to avoid the crowds at the canteens.

Media coLab
It would not be WKWSCI without the swanky Media coLab — a 160 sq m collaborative media lab boasting state-of-the-art technology for journalists, news editors and designers. During the semester, the Media coLab also serves as the newsroom for our campus paper.

Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre
Freshly revamped, the Lee Foundation Lecture theatre is where almost every WKWSCI student attends their core lectures with their entire cohort — just like a rite of passage.

Studios and Media Production Suites
The fully-equipped Studios and Media Production Suites is a cosy soundproofed nook in the school where students go to hone their editing skills and creativeness to bring stories to life.

Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences Laboratory
The latest Cognitive and Behavioural Science Laboratory is a 220sq m facility that supports research in the area of computer mediated communication, cognition and integrated multi-sensory testing.

Communication & Information Library
For a quiet area to study, do research or print essays — the Communication & Information Library is a go to place. It is also home to over 16,000 volumes and a fascinating archive of final-year projects by our very own students.

Get excited because student life at WKWSCI is going to be enriching, fulfilling and definitely fun!​​​​