About Us



The building WKWSCI calls home is a $22.6 million facility spanning more than 7,000 sq m. The five-storey building curves around an airy courtyard and amphitheatre fondly known to students as the Depression.

Flanking the courtyard are cosy tutorial rooms and the swanky Newsplex Asia—a 160 sq m collaborative media lab boasting state-of-the-art technology for journalists, news editors and designers. During the semester, the Newsplex also serves as the newsroom for our campus paper. Right beside the Newplex is the freshly revamped Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre, where just about every WKWSCI student, almost like a rite of passage, attends their core lectures.

Moving from the courtyard, you will find the Atrium, where our iconic benches are. Students never fail to congregate here, be it to study, socialise, or snack—sometimes even simultaneously. Fully-equipped studios and media production suites are also found nearby. For those persistent hunger pangs, you can also grab a quick bite before class at the new Spruce bistro right outside the school. Need to do some research or print your essays? We also have the Communication & Information Library, which is home to over 16,000 volumes and a fascinating archive of final-year projects by our very own students.

No matter which track you specialise in, we have dedicated labs for you. The school boasts a broad range of advanced laboratory facilities for audio, radio, video, television, print media, multimedia production, advertising, as well as communication and information research.

With the most technologically advanced equipment and resources available to you, you will get the skills and expertise needed to excel in an ever-evolving media landscape. That way, you can rest assured you will be graduating ahead of the game.