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Asst Prof Saifuddin AHMED
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-43
Phone: 63162916

Academic Interests: Civic Engagement; Political Communication; Political Inequality; Social Media; Public Opinion; Minority​ media representation

Ms Hedwig Rasamah ALFRED
Assistant Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Office: Room 02-43 / 04-07
Phone: 67906886 / 69081137

Academic Interests: Bridging journalism theory & professional practice; Literary devices in journalism for critical storytelling; Health journalism

Prof ANG Peng Hwa
Programme Director, Masters of Mass Communication
Office: Room 02-05
Phone: 67906109

Academic Interests: Internet governance; Media law & policy
Senior Lecturer
Office: Room 02-42
Phone: 67904184

Academic Interests: Mobile communication & cultural studies; Science & technology studies; Design & communication; Broadcast & digital media production & performance
Dr Mark Alan CENITE
Associate Chair, Academic
Office: Room 04-42
Phone: 67906111

Academic Interests: Media law & policy; Media ethics; Intellectual property; Entrepreneurship
Assoc Prof Vivian CHEN Hsueh Hua
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-16
Phone: 67905833

Academic Interests: Social & psychological impact of video games; Game for social inclusion; Social interaction; Social relationships in online environment; Intergroup relations
Assoc Prof Arul Indrasen CHIB
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-02
Phone: 65148390

Academic Interests: mHealth (Mobile healthcare); Transnational migration; Gender & technology; Open development; Information & communication technologies for development
Assoc Prof Alton CHUA
Associate Chair, Research
Office: Room 04-44 / 02-17
Phone: 67905810 /67906451

Academic Interests: Information & knowledge management; Question & answering system; Online communities; User reviews of products & services; Online rumors
Asst Prof Christopher CUMMINGS
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-48a
Phone: 63162916

Academic Interests: Science, Health, Environmental, and Risk Communication (COMSHER), Strategic Communication, Communication Campaign Design & Evaluation, Emerging Technologies.
Assoc Prof Benjamin Hill DETENBER
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-42
Phone: 67905809

Academic Interests: Public opinion; Political communication; Science communication; Media psychology; Computer-mediated communication
Assoc Prof Ian DIXON
Associate Professor
Office: Room 02-07
Phone: 67904282

Academic Interests: Cinema Studies, Television Studies, Celebrity Studies, Fan Studies, Filmmaking, Literature.

Senior Lecturer
Office: Room 02-09
Phone: 67906449

Academic Interests: Film festivals & exhibitions; Documentary; Digital media; Technology in the classroom
Asst Prof Andrew DUFFY
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-03
Phone: 67906582

Academic Interests: Journalism education; Travel journalism; Tourism communication; Journalism & social media

Prof FOO Shou Boon, Schubert
Deputy Associate Provost (Information & Knowledge), President’s Office
Office: Room 05-03
Phone: 67904621

Academic Interests: Internet & multimedia technologies; Multilingual information retrieval; Digital libraries; Information & knowledge management; Information literacy

Assoc Prof GOH Hoe Lian, Dion
Programme Director, MSc in Information Systems & MSc in Information Studies
Office: Room 02-45
Phone: 67906290

Academic Interests: Human computation games; Gamification for behavior change; Serious games; Social media practices & perceptions; Mobile information seeking & sharing

Assoc Prof Shirley HO Soo Yee
Associate Chair, Faculty
Office: Room 03-50 / 04-41
Phone: 67906044 / 65923633

Academic Interests: Science & environmental communication; Health communication; public opinion; Social media; Cyber risks

Assoc Prof JUNG Younbo
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-01
Phone: 63168968

Academic Interests: Socio-Psychological effects of interactive media; Human computer interaction / human robot interaction; Computer mediated communication

Asst Prof KANG Hyunjin
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-12
Phone: 69083431

Academic Interests: Interactive Technology for Strategic Communication; Online / Mobile Privacy; Internet of Things; Media Effects.

Assoc Prof KHOO Soo Guan, Christopher
Associate Professor
Office: Room 05-05
Phone: 65921693

Academic Interests: Natural language processing & text mining; Knowledge organization; Health informatics; Information behaviour

Asst Prof KIM Hye Kyung
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-08
Phone: 69083349

Academic Interests: Risk & health communication; Communication theory; Quantitative research method; Media effects & narrative persuasion

Asst Prof Nuri KIM
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-15
Phone: 69083348

Academic Interests: Deliberation & democratic theory; Minorities in deliberation; Emotion in politics; Narratives & mediated intergroup contact

Prof Eddie KUO Chen Yu
Emeritus Professor
Office: Room 03-40
Phone: 67905775

Academic Interests:Sociology of communication; Language, culture & communication; Asian culture & communication

Assoc Prof LEE Chei Sian
Associate Professor
Office: Room 02-16
Phone: 67906636

Academic Interests: Computer mediated communication; Social computing; Mobile content sharing; Distributed work environment

Dr LEE Chu Keong
Programme Director, MSc in Knowledge Management
Associate Chair, Students
Office: Room 02-02 / 04-08
Phone: 67904715 / 69081138

Academic Interests: Knowledge Sharing; Social network analysis; Knowledge audit

Assoc Prof LEE Chun Wah
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-05
Phone: 67906114

Academic Interests: Advertising business management; Advertising campaign development; Public communication

Prof Kwan Min LEE
Korea Foundation Professor in Contemporary Korean Society and New Media
Office: Room 03-44
Phone: 63168816

Academic Interests: UX (User Experience) Research & Design, Human-Computer interaction (HCI), Human-Robot interaction (HRI), Smart Devices (e.g., smart phone, smart TV, smart car, etc.), interactive media (e.g., computer games, VR, etc.), digital innovation and culture in S. Korea

Asst Prof Sangjoon LEE
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-11
Phone: 67906801

Academic Interests: International Film Festivals; Cold War and Asian Cinema; Contemporary film and media industries; Hallyu (Korean Wave) & social media

Asst Prof LI Junting, Benjamin
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-17
Phone: 67906395

Academic Interests: Academic Interests to: Effects of virtual reality, emerging tech in health communication, impact of augmented reality and 360 degree immersive videos on society, human-computer interaction

Asst Prof LIEW Kai Khiun
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-15
Phone: 63168969

Academic Interests: Portrayal of medical discourses in east asian film & television dramas; Radio & health communications; Popular music in southeast & east asia

Prof Richard Seyler LING
Shaw Foundation Professor in Media Technology
Office: Room 03-46
Phone: 69083363

Academic Interests: Social consequences of mobile communication; Mobile phone & mobile communication

Asst Prof Chen LOU
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-13
Phone: 63168895

Academic Interests: Consumer Psychology; Social Media Marketing; Marketing Communications; Media Effects

Assoc Prof Brendan LUYT
Associate Professor
Office: Room 02-41
Phone: 63168894

Academic Interests: Library & information history; Wikipedia studies; Documentation studies; Heritage studies; Scholarly communication

Prof May O. LWIN
Associate Dean (Special Projects)
Director, University Scholars Programme
Office: Room 03-02/IC 244
Phone: 69083344/67906669

Academic Interests: Digitally mediated health communication; Health communication intervention design & impact assessment; Wellness, physical exercise

Assoc Prof Shaheen MAJID
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-14
Phone: 67904295

Academic Interests: Environment intelligence/scanning; Information literacy ; Information & knowledge sharing; Information needs & seeking behaviour; Reading habits of children

Assoc Prof NA Jin Cheon
Associate Professor
Office: Room 05-04
Phone: 67905011

Academic Interests: Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis; Text Mining; Digital Libraries

Asst Prof Poong OH
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-06
Phone: 63168972

Academic Interests:  Dynamics of human collectives, including groups, organizations, and communities, and the role commication plays in them, Bayesian statistics, natural language processing, and machine learning

Asst Prof PEE Loo Geok
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 05-06
Phone: 67904579

Academic Interests: Knowledge management for innovation; Cross domain knowledge sharing; Use of  information technology in knowledge management

Office: Room 03-09
Phone: 65923131

Academic Interests: creative advertising; visual communication; branding

Asst Prof Andrew PRAHL
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-36
Phone: 67904575

Academic Interests:Human-Automation Trust; Automated Advice; Interpersonal Advice; Automation Ethics; Human-Computer Interaction

Asst Prof Sonny Ben ROSENTHAL
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-48
Phone: 67904070

Academic Interests: Environmental communication; Risk communication; Media effects; Quantitative methods

Office: Room 04-46
Phone: 67904572P/6108
Academic Interests: Health & risk communication; Vulnerable populations, public will & social change

Assoc Prof Joanna SIN Sei Ching
Associate Professor
Office: Room 05-07
Phone: 67906036

Academic Interests: Information behaviour; Social media information seeking; Perception, use, & outcomes of libraries; Bibliometrics

Ms Jessica TAN
Office: Room 02-44
Phone: 69082307

Academic Interests: Business Journalism, Enterprise Journalism, Digital Journalism, Storytelling in Journalism and Businesses in the Internet Era.

Assoc Prof Edson Castro TANDOC Jr.
Programme Director, PhD and Masters by Research
Office: Room 02-39
Phone: 67906110

Academic Interests: Journalism studies; Technology & journalism; Social media; Environmental journalism

Assoc Prof Stephen TEO Kian Teck
Associate Professor
Office: Room 02-46
Phone: 67905770

Academic Interests: Asian cinema; Film history; Genre studies; Cultural studies

Research Director, President's Office
Office: Room WKWSCI 05-08/ ADM03-03A
Phone: 67905834 / 65923039
Academic Interests: Human-computer interaction; Usability engineering; Digital libraries; Elderly & technologies; Games for health

Asst Prof Ben TURNER
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-13
Phone: 65922590

Academic Interests: Communication neuroscience; Message tailoring; Media effects; Quantitative methods

Office: Room 03-10
Phone: 67905065
Academic Interests:  Digital & social media marketing; Regional corporate communications; International public relations; Content strategy and content marketing