Ms Hedwig Rasamah ALFRED
Assistant Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Office: Room 02-43 / 04-07
Phone: 67906886 / 69081137
Email: hedwig@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Bridging journalism theory & professional practice; Literary devices in journalism for critical storytelling; Health journalism

Prof ANG Peng Hwa
Office: Room 02-05
Phone: 67906109
Email: tphang@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Internet governance; Media law & policy
Senior Lecturer
Office: Room 02-42
Phone: 67904184
Email: KCampbell@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Mobile communication & cultural studies; Science & technology studies; Design & communication; Broadcast & digital media production & performance
Dr Mark Alan CENITE
Associate Chair, Academic
Office: Room 04-42
Phone: 67906111
Email: macenite@pmail.ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Media law & policy; Media ethics; Intellectual property; Entrepreneurship
Assoc Prof Vivian CHEN Hsueh Hua
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-16
Phone: 67905833
Email: chenhh@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Social & psychological impact of video games; Game for social inclusion; Social interaction; Social relationships in online environment; Intergroup relations
Assoc Prof Arul Indrasen CHIB
Director of SiRC
Office: Room 03-02
Phone: 65148390
Email: ArulChib@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: mHealth (Mobile healthcare); Transnational migration; Gender & technology; Open development; Information & communication technologies for development
Assoc Prof Alton CHUA
Associate Chair, Research
Office: Room 04-44 / 02-17
Phone: 67905810 /67906451
Email: altonchua@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Information & knowledge management; Question & answering system; Online communities; User reviews of products & services; Online rumors
Asst Prof Myojung CHUNG
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-48a
Phone: 63168910
Email: mjchung@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Processing of Media Messages and Organization Reputation Management
Asst Prof Christopher CUMMINGS
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-43
Phone: 63162916
Email: CCummings@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Risk communication; Science communication; Emerging technologies; Communication campaigns; Strategic communication
Assoc Prof Benjamin DETENBER
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-42
Phone: 67905809
Email: tdetenber@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Public opinion; Political communication; Science communication; Media psychology; Computer-mediated communication

Senior Lecturer
Office: Room 02-09
Phone: 67906449
Email: tnldraper@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Film festivals & exhibitions; Documentary; Digital media; Technology in the classroom
Asst Prof Andrew DUFFY
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-03
Phone: 67906582
Email: duffy@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Journalism education; Travel journalism; Tourism communication; Journalism & social media

Prof FOO Shou Boon, Schubert
Deputy Associate Provost (Information & Knowledge), President’s Office
Office: Room 05-03
Phone: 67904621
Email: sfoo@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Internet & multimedia technologies; Multilingual information retrieval; Digital libraries; Information & knowledge management; Information literacy

Assoc Prof GOH Hoe Lian, Dion
Programme Director, MSc in Information Systems
Office: Room 02-45
Phone: 67906290
Email: ashlgoh@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Human computation games; Gamification for behavior change; Serious games; Social media practices & perceptions; Mobile information seeking & sharing

Asst Prof Debbie GOH Pei Chin
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-07
Phone: 67904282
Email: debbiegoh@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Digital journalism; New media & society; Gender & communication technologies; New media & civic participation; Research methods

Prof HAO Xiaoming
Office: Room 02-37
Phone: 67905012
Email: txmhao@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: International communication; Comparative media systems; Social impact of new communication technologies; Audience studies; Media effects

Assoc Prof Shirley HO Soo Yee
Assistant Chair, Faculty
Office: Room 03-50
Phone: 67906044
Email: tsyho@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Science & environmental communication; Health communication; public opinion; Social media; Cyber risks

Assoc Prof JUNG Younbo
Associate Chair, Students
Office: Room 03-01 / 04-08
Phone: 63168968 / 69081138
Email: YBJung@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Socio-Psychological effects of interactive media; Human computer interaction / human robot interaction; Computer mediated communication

Asst Prof KANG Hyunjin
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-45
Phone: 69083431
Email: hjkang@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Interactive Technology for Strategic Communication; Online / Mobile Privacy; Internet of Things; Media Effects.

Assoc Prof KHOO Soo Guan, Christopher
Associate Professor
Office: Room 05-05
Phone: 65921693
Email: chriskhoo@pmail.ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Natural language processing & text mining; Knowledge organization; Health informatics; Information behaviour

Asst Prof KIM Hye Kyung
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-08
Phone: 69083349
Email: HKKim@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Risk & health communication; Communication theory; Quantitative research method; Media effects & narrative persuasion

Asst Prof Nuri KIM
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-15
Phone: 69083348
Email: nuri.kim@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Deliberation & democratic theory; Minorities in deliberation; Emotion in politics; Narratives & mediated intergroup contact

Prof Eddie KUO Chen Yu
Emeritus Professor
Office: Room 03-40
Phone: 67905775
Email: cykuo@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests:Sociology of communication; Language, culture & communication; Asian culture & communication

Assoc Prof LEE Chei Sian
Associate Professor
Office: Room 02-16
Phone: 67906636
Email: leecs@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Computer mediated communication; Social computing; Mobile content sharing; Distributed work environment

Dr LEE Chu Keong
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, MSc in Knowledge Management & MSc in Information Studies
Office: Room 02-02
Phone: 67904715
Email: ascklee@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Knowledge Sharing; Social network analysis; Knowledge audit

Assoc Prof LEE Chun Wah
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-05
Phone: 67906114
Email: tcwlee@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Advertising business management; Advertising campaign development; Public communication

Prof Kwan Min LEE
Korea Foundation Professor in Contemporary Korean Society and New Media
Office: Room 03-17
Phone: 63768816
Email: kwanminlee@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Social, psychological, and busniess implications of Human-Computer interaction (HCI), Human-Robot interaction (HRI), and interaction Media (computer games, smart TVs)

Asst Prof Sangjoon LEE
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-11
Phone: 67906801
Email: leesj@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: International Film Festivals; Cold War and Asian Cinema; Contemporary film and media industries; Hallyu (Korean Wave) & social media

Asst Prof LIEW Kai Khiun
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-15
Phone: 63168969
Email: kkliew@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Portrayal of medical discourses in east asian film & television dramas; Radio & health communications; Popular music in southeast & east asia

Mr Eugene LIM
Office: Room 02-36
Phone: 67904575
Email: eugene_lim@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: News Operations, Media Relations, Communications Strategy and Implementation of Media Convergence

Prof Richard Seyler LING
Shaw Foundation Professor in Media Technology
Office: Room 03-46
Phone: 69083363
Email: rili@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Social consequences of mobile communication; Mobile phone & mobile communication

Asst Prof Chen LOU
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-13
Phone: 63168895
Email: chenlou@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Consumer Psychology; Social Media Marketing; Marketing Communications; Media Effects

Assoc Prof Brendan LUYT
Programme Director, PhD and Masters by Research
Office: Room 02-41
Phone: 63168894
Email: brendan@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Library & information history; Wikipedia studies; Documentation studies; Heritage studies; Scholarly communication

Assoc Prof Shaheen MAJID
Associate Professor
Office: Room 03-14
Phone: 67904295
Email: asmajid@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Environment intelligence/scanning; Information literacy ; Information & knowledge sharing; Information needs & seeking behaviour; Reading habits of children

Assoc Prof NA Jin Cheon
Associate Professor
Office: Room 05-04
Phone: 67905011
Email: tjcna@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis; Text Mining; Digital Libraries

Prof May O. LWIN
Associate Dean (Special Projects)
Director, University Scholars Programme
Office: Room 03-02/IC 244
Phone: 69083344/67906669
Email: tmaylwin@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Digitally mediated health communication; Health communication intervention design & impact assessment; Wellness, physical exercise

Assoc Prof Augustine PANG
Programme Director, Master of Mass Communication
Office: Room 03-12
Phone: 67906676
Email: Augustine.Pang@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Crisis management/communication; Image & reputation management/communication; Media management; Corporate communication management

Asst Prof Natalie PANG Lee San
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 05-06
Phone: 67904881
Email: nlspang@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Social media & information behaviour in disruptive events; Social media & participatory archives & documentation; Message design

Asst Prof PEE Loo Geok
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-01
Phone: 67904579
Email: peelg@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Knowledge management for innovation; Cross domain knowledge sharing; Use of  information technology in knowledge management

Asst Prof Poong OH
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-07
Phone: 63168972
Email: poongoh@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests:  Dynamics of human collectives, including groups, organizations, and communities, and the role commication plays in them, Bayesian statistics, natural language processing, and machine learning

Office: Room 03-09
Phone: 65923131
Email: spfrommer@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: creative advertising; visual communication; branding

Asst Prof Sonny Ben ROSENTHAL
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 03-48
Phone: 67904070
Email: sonnyrosenthal@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Environmental communication; Risk communication; Media effects; Quantitative methods

Office: Room 04-46
Phone: 67904572P/6108
Academic Interests: Health & risk communication; Vulnerable populations, public will & social change

Assoc Prof Joanna SIN Sei Ching
Associate Professor
Office: Room 05-07
Phone: 67906036
Email: joanna.sin@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Information behaviour; Social media information seeking; Perception, use, & outcomes of libraries; Bibliometrics

Ms Jessica TAN
Office: Room 02-44
Phone: 69082307
Email: jessicatan@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Business Journalism, Enterprise Journalism, Digital Journalism, Storytelling in Journalism and Businesses in the Internet Era.

Asst Prof Edson Castro TANDOC Jr.
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 02-39
Phone: 67906110
Email: edson@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Journalism studies; Technology & journalism; Social media; Environmental journalism

Assoc Prof Stephen TEO Kian Teck
Associate Professor
Office: Room 02-46
Phone: 67905770
Email: steo@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Interests: Asian cinema; Film history; Genre studies; Cultural studies

Research Director, President's Office
Office: Room WKWSCI 05-08/ ADM03-03A
Phone: 67905834 / 65923039
Academic Interests: Human-computer interaction; Usability engineering; Digital libraries; Elderly & technologies; Games for health
Wee Kim Wee Professor in Communication Studies
Associate Chair, Faculty
Office: Room 04-41/ 03-06
Phone: 65923633 / 69083432
Academic Interests: Computer-mediated communication; Relational communication; Social dynamics of E-learning; Impression management online; Computer-supported collaboration & virtual groups
Office: Room 03-10
Phone: 67905065
Academic Interests:  Digital & social media marketing; Regional corporate communications; International public relations; Content strategy and content marketing