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Shaw Foundation Professors

Professor Richard Seyler Ling


For the past 25 years, Professor Richard Ling has been active in researching the social consequences of new information communication technology and society with a focus on mobile telephony. He has received recognition as an outstanding scholar from the International Communications Association (ICA Fellow in 2016 and the 2010 CROF Award), the 2009 Erving Goffman Award from the Media Ecology Association, and the 2009 Telenor Research Award. His analysis has been featured in international media including the Economist, the New York Times, and Wired.

Receiving his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Colorado, Prof Ling has published numerous articles, held posts at, and lectured at universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and the US and has participated in academic conferences from across the globe. 

Professor Thomas Doherty


Professor Thomas Doherty was a Shaw professor of film studies at the School during his visit from January to July 2012. Undergraduate students had the opportunity to capitalize on Prof Doherty’s vast knowledge and expertise in the area of film studies in the undergraduate course – Issues in cinema studies. Faculty and graduate students also benefitted from the intellectual exchanges with Prof Doherty during his stay with the School.

As an esteemed professor of American studies, Prof Doherty is also a cultural historian with a profound interest in Hollywood cinema and a Ph.D. holder in American Studies at the University of Iowa in 1984. He writes frequently on media culture for the Chronicle of Higher Education and received recognition as an Academy Film Scholar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in 2005.

Professor Vincent Mosco


Professor Vincent Mosco was a visiting Shaw Foundation Professor from August to September 2009 at the Wee Kim Wee School. During his stay, the faculty and students of the School benefitted immensely from Prof Mosco’s expertise, insights and research in political economy.

Prof Mosco is the Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society and Head of the Department of Sociology, Queen’s University. He is also the author of numerous publications on communication, technology and society. Most recently, he wrote three books on how workers around the world are responding to the challenges of technological change, transnational business and shifting government priorities.

Professor Patricia Zimmermann


Professor Zimmermann is a professor in the Department of Cinema, Photography and Media Arts at Ithaca College in New York, USA. She is also co-director of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival in the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies at the college.

Apart from sharing her knowledge at several guest lectures, one of her key contributions was the forming of The Open Space Panel at the International Communication Association Conference 2010, held in Singapore. The panel looked at how new media, installation, and user-generated archives in Southeast Asia, served as a platform of exchange and interaction between scholars and students of media and communication.