Visiting Scholar Profiles

Current Scholars

Name: Professor Qiu Hongfeng
Host: Assistant Professor Chen Lou & Associate Professor Jung Younbo, WKWSCI
Position: Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Xiamen University
Research Topic: “Youth health promotion via social media: A comparison between Singapore and China”

Background: Describe the nature of this project: This is a research project based on a survey conducted in the youth of Singapore and China to compare the role that social media play for health promotion between the two countries, and to explore the influence of culture and public health system on online health promotion.

Name: Professor Wang Lin (David)
Host: Associate Professor Shaheen Majid, WKWSCI
Position: Professor at Department of Information Resources Management School of Management
Research Topic: “Environmental Scanning Behavior of Chinese Multinational Corporations Managers: A Study at Headquarters-Foreign Subsidiary Level”

Background: The scanning behaviour of managers in developing country has given rise to the interests of academic circle (Dong, Yan, Liu and Zhang, 2008; Wang and Guo 2014). There has been increasing discussions about manager’s environmental scanning in China that is the biggest developing country in the world. However, multinational corporations (MNC) managers’ scanning behaviour is ignored by researchers to a large extent. Today Chinese MNCs have become an important player in the global economy.

2018 Scholars

Name: Dr Lui Chanjun
Host: Prof Hao Xiaoming, WKWSCI
Position: Lecturer at Xi’an Jiaotong University
Duration in WKWSCI: 12 Months
Research Topic: “Social Media Use and Political Participation: A Comparative Study of China and Singapore”

Background: To study compares the impact of social media use on political participation by citizens of China and Singapore. Although the governments of both countries are more concerned about information controls, they take different strategies in dealing with the social media in line with their political system and governing philosophy. A comparison of the two countries will allow us to have a better understand the role of social media in shaping public opinion and political activities.

Name: Dr Li Xiang
Host: Professor Hao Xiaoming, WKWSCI
Position: Lecturer at Jiangsu Normal University
Research Topic: “An Analysis of the Communication Effect of Chinese Reality Show in Singapore”

Background: Intended to carry out is "An Analysis of the Effect of Chinese Reality Show in Singapore." That is a sub-subject of the research “Contemporary Cultural Value Orientation of Chinese Reality Show“ in the 2014 The National Social Science Fund in Art Project. In recent years, some of Chinese reality shows have been broadcasted on Singapore television channel. So how do the audience view them? What are the reasons? I intend to do the research by in-depth interviews. From this September to October, has paid a two-month visit to the National Chengchi University in Taiwan and had interviewed with Taiwan audiences fond of Chinese reality shows and Information to make further study and complete my research project.